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Julia S

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Undertale

By Toby Fox
The Ruins
Flowey is the first monster you
meet in the Underworld.
He turns out to be
an enemy and
tries to kill you
Luckily you are saved...
Toriel is the caretaker of the ruins
She acts as your guide through the Ruins, and eventually becomes motherly towards you
Eventually you try and leave, she fights you
Toriel fight
Napstablook is a ghost you meet in the ruins. He is lying in your path and you must move him out of the way
You cheer him on during the fight and creates a "Dapper" Blook look for you and you become friends
Attack: 5 Defence: 4
Attack: 6-8 Defence: 1
Toriel blocks your way to try an prevent you from leaving her home. She doesn't want the King to kill you and steal your soul.
You can get by her by sparing her during the fight. To do this you have to either avoid her attacks and click the "spare" button or get your HP down to 1. She will purposely avoid you and not attack.
Once you are able to spare her, She gives you a motherly hug and returns to the ruins. You can now exit the area and move on.

Sans is the first monster you meet after leaving the ruins. He introduces himself with a woopy cushion
He asks you to hide behind a "convinently shaped lamp" as you incounter his brother...
The Great Papyrus
apyrus is a skeleton that
opes to be a part of the
oyal guard one day.
He is a goofball and doesn't to have many friends. He wants to capture you and send you to the capital
Greater Dog
Attack: 15 Defense: 8
Greater dog fights you after exploring a bunch of snow poofs
You can win by calling him over, petting him, playing with him and then petting him to sleep
Papyrus Battle
Papyrus tries to befriend you but second guesses himself and starts the fight
He really likes spaghetti!
You can flirt with him and he agrees to date after your battle. Once you try and spare him his blue attacks start. If you don't move the blue attacks don't hurt you.
He will get tired of fighting after a dog steals his special attack and you can move on to the next area
Dating Papyrus
Date him before moving on to the Waterfall
e is the captain of the royal guard. She is
a blue

fish woman with red hair. She is first seen
clad in

armor and attacks you may times.
Undyne hates humans
Mad Dummy
Attack: 7 Defense: YES
Mad dummy is a ghost that lives inside of a dummy
He gets mad at you for what you did to his cousin early on in the game. After a long fight Napstablook saves you by crying on him.
Undyne Battle
Attack: 7 Defence: 0
Undyne throws a series of arrows at you during this battle. She give you something to shield yourself from the attacks
The only way to win is to escape from her, which can only be done while your soul is

If you escape to the next area, the Hotland, she will have a heat stroke and pass out.
There is a water cooler that you can take a cup from and dump it on her, she'll withdraw
Befriending Undyne
Doctor Alphys
Alphys is the royal scientist under the King
She designed a robot... but there was a major flaw
It wants to
ALL humans
Mettaton is a robot that tries to kill you
Fight 1:
Fight 2:
Fight 3:
Fight 4:
He has 999 defense and is impossible to harm
Muffet is a spider monster trying to earn money for her spider family by holding a bake sale
She gets mad at you for not donating and fights you
If you fight her long enough a spider will tell her that you're not bad person and you win
Mettaton EX
Mettaton reveals that Alphys and him had plotted the whole ordeal in Hotland to try and make Alphy's seem cool.
Mettaton fights you for a 5th time, but Alphy's reveals another form that you can use to damage him
Mettaton does not want the king to get your soul because he does't want humanity to perish
You need ratings to win this battle. Eat a lot of Glamburgers, pose a lot and change into a fasionable item to raise them
Once you get the ratings high enough a call wll come from Napstablook, and Mettaton realizes how much of a jerk he's been and reconsiles. He soon loses battery power and turns off.
Asgore is the King of monsters
He is the first character that you're required to fight
His story
Using the worn dagger is the best way to deal damage
On the brink of death, you have two option: Fight and Kill, or Mercy Asgore
Chose Mercy for True Pacefist...
But... something happens.
OMEGA Flowey
The True Lab
Befriending Alphys
The True Ending
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