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Simpson Park Community Center

No description

Aaliyah Edmond

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Simpson Park Community Center

Career Shadowing Day SiMpson pARk coMMunIty CEnter The Technology Used:
Email, Computers, Work Phone, MicroSoft Office, Faxing Would I pursue a Career in this Career?? Maybe yes because, you become a leader to the childern and help show them how to be a better person. Another is because i would become another person helping the community and pursuing business. I love working with the public and I'm a peolpes person. I like about this Job is:
. Working with the public
. Entertaining Kids
Creating and Advicing Events

PuRPose oF The CoMpaNy Aaliyah Edmond Pd 2
April 16, 2010 Coumminty center to the public with a Gym, Gameroom, etc. Kids are the Main Deal Where will this comnpany be in 15 years?
The Company will be a Healthy and Bigger Public Recreational Community Center.. The type of education: High School Diploma Average Salary: Starting $10.15 next Hr grade scale by year up to $17.80 5 Employability Skills
Methods and Techniques
Knowledge to Lead Childern
Team Work

Skills for the Job
Manual Arts
Customer Service Skilkls
Recreation Skills

What I Hate the Job
i hated sitting and waiting for people to come in. I aslo hated that they u have to wear shirts on a certain day.
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