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BoardPacks Partner Opportunities

Presentation of partner Opportunities for BoardPacks

Alister Esam

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of BoardPacks Partner Opportunities

Specialist and Independent provider of
governance/board assurance software
300+ happy clients
Corporate / Housing / Pensions / Health / Charities
UK / Holland / Australia / South Africa / US Who Uses eShare? And Why? 300 happy clients
Love what we do
Find our solutions simple to use
Experience amazing customer
service Our Mission We continuously work to reduce the bureaucracy that informs boards about their organisations This is growing in global importance eShare Modules eControls Benefits Effortless risk management.
Nothing ever dropped.
Incidents feed into risk.
Better delegation.
Procedure/Control link.
Everything recorded and automatically maintained. Features Create a living register of all risks
Record incidents
Rank risk by potential impact
and likelihood
Set review processes for each risk
Enable anyone to identify a risk Benefits More efficient
Procedures work for you
Auto documentation
Prove procedures are followed eProcedures Features Create and manage procedures
Resources at your fingertips:
- Checklist, Documents and Links
Monitor progress / compliance
Maintain audit trails
Refer to past procedures
in the future. eDecisions Features Case details
Related research
Shared documents
Discussion notes
The final decision Benefits Better informed boards
New board and committee meetings
Collaboration & alerts
Full version history
Quick location of documents
Easy to keep up to date BoardPacks Benefits Moves boards to iPads
Bring meetings to life
Saves time and money
Better access to knowledge
More secure Growth Opportunities Our aspirations We are committed to global growth....
...helping organisations worldwide improve...
...governance and board management. The opportunities for you Grow Business Brand/Value Build your services
Stickier clients
Increased efficiency Gain consulting revenue
through implementation
and ongoing support Consulting New Clients
Share of License Revenue
- How to produce a meeting pack
- Print to PDF
- Post-meeting actions More about BoardPacks More about eKnowledge More about eDecisions (TBC) More about eControls
and eProcedures (TBC) Continue to partners Print to PDF Publish the meeting Learn about Post-Meeting actions Return to Modules eKnowledge Features Collaborative documents
Full version history
Document modification & upload alerts
Search index
Control ownership
Associate documents with meetings, decisions & risks Features Move meeting papers to the iPad
Collaborative Platform
Set Meeting Date
Produces combined agenda PDF
Manage meeting actions
Secure annotations
Easy to Use BoardPacks and eMeetings in detail
- Document Library
- Search Index eKnowledge in detail Benefits Efficient, informed decisions
Secure distribution
Audit trails
Access to precedents
Collating decision information is simplified
Greater consistency & transparency ` BoardPacks Partner Opportunity by Alister Esam and Michael Tibbles
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