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Nature of Technical Communication

No description

Christian Dave Tolentino

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Nature of Technical Communication

- It is the most significant characteristics of technical communication.
1. Addresses Particular Readers
3. Reflects an Organization's Goal and Culture
-Technical communicationfurthers an organization's goals.
4. Is Produce Collaboratively
- Although you will often work alone in writing ort documents, you will probably work as part of a team when producing more complicated documents.
2. Helps Readers Solve Problems
- Technical communication is not meant to express a writer's creativity or to entertain readers. It is intended to help readers learn or do something.
Seven Major Characteristics
Nature of Technical Communication
- If you are writing to several people whose background and needs vary, you will want to structure the document so that they can easily locate and understand the information they seek.
- If you don not know the reader, you can create an audience profile.
-Technical communication also reflects an organization's culture.
- Successful collaboration requires interpersonal skills. You have to listen to people with other views and fro other business and ethnic cultures, express yourself clearly and diplomatically, and compromise.
5. Uses Design to Increase Readibility
-Technical communicators uses design features- typography, spacing color, special paper, and so forth- to accomplish three basic purposes:
a. To make the document look attractive and professional.
b. To help the reader navigate the document.
c. To help the reader understand the document.
6. Consists of Words or Graphic or Both
Most technical douments include words and graphics. In technical communication, graphics help the writer perform five main functions:
a. make the document more interesting and appealing to readers.
b. communicate and reinforce difficult concepts.
c. communicate instructions and descriptions of objects and processes.
d. communicate large amounts of quantifiable data.
e. communicate with nonnative speaker.
6. Is Produced Using High- Tech Tools
- Technical communicators rely on word processing, graphics, and desktop publishing software.
- As information technology becomes more powerful, easier to use, and less expensive, technical communicatorsand technical professionals alikecontinuously upgrade their skills.
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