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Consequences of a sedentary lifestyle

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Antony Veevers

on 1 October 2017

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Transcript of Consequences of a sedentary lifestyle

Consequences of a Sedentary Lifestyle
How might obesity affect performance in physical activity and sport?
Limits stamina/cardiovascular endurance
Limits flexibility
Limits agility
Limits speed/power
Possible consequences of a sedentary lifestyle?
Weight gain/obesity
Heart disease
Poor sleep
Poor Self-esteem
Definition: is a condition of being extremely fat or overweight, which frequently results in health problems
Obesity - ill health - Physical
Heart Disease/Heart Attacks
High Cholesterol
Can lead to injury
Increase in blood pressure
Feel like can't comfortably enjoy the activity.
Obesity - ill health - Mental
Loss of confidence
Feel like unable to contribute to society
What does Sedentary Lifestyle mean?
Couch potato
Watch TV too much
No physical activity
Sleep for too long
Inactive job
Always takes the easy option!!
Obesity - ill health - social
inability to socialise
inability to leave home
Feel conscious of how they look and therefore uncomfortable in social situations.
Label the images
Brainstorm - Which words best describe each body type
Key words

Pear shaped Narrow hips Wide hips
Wedge shape Little muscle Round head
Wide shoulders Broad shoulders Little body fat
Lots of fat Narrow shoulders Thin arms and legs
Lots of muscle Narrow chest and abdomen

Somatotypes -
Sporting example
For each Somatotype come up with at least 2 Sporting examples.
Now explain why you have chosen these Sports for each somatotype.
Model answer - A Rugby Centre would most likely need to be a Mesomorph because they require lots of muscle for strength in a tackle and power when accelerating into a sprint. They also wouldn't want to be carrying lots of excess fat around as this would slow them down and affect their stamina levels during a game meaning they might not be able to keep up with play due to fatigue or sprint away from an opponent.
Choose a team sport and try to identify the different somatotype requirements for each position within that Sport.
Explain each suggestion that you have made.
Somatotype Triad
Do we always completely fall into one of the three somatotype categories?
A lifestyle with irregular or no physical activity

Name and explain the Physical, Mental, Social and Fitness benefits from taking regular exercise.

For example:
Improved heart function - by exercising regularly your heart becomes bigger and stronger which improves your hearts ability to supply the blood required around the body.
Heart disease
Can't comfortably enjoy the activity
Inability to leave home
High cholesterol
Can lead to injury
Loss of confidence
Inability to socialise
Feel like can't contribute to society
Effects of Obesity
Feel conscious of how they look and therefore uncomfortable in social situations.
Increase in blood pressure
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