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The Son's Veto

No description

Min-Chen Chu

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of The Son's Veto

The Son's Veto
(1894) Thomas Hardy Thomas Hardy Plot Setting Characters Themes Style - 2 June 1840 ~ 11 January 1928
- English novelist and poet, influenced by romanticism
- First collection published in 1898
-Father (Thomas) : stonemason and local builder
-Mother : educated him until he went to his first school at the age of 8
- Formal education ended at the age of 16 and he became apprenticed of an architect --> social inferiority
- 1874 : married Emma Lavinia Gifford who died in 1912 - attendance of a concert
- flashback explaining Sophy's background : death of the first wife, Sam proposes, marriage of Mr. Twycott and Sophy
- serious illness --> her husband died
- Met Sam who told her that he's no longer a gardener, but works in a grocery shop in South London. He travels to Covent Garden 2~3 times a week
- Sophy decides to hang out with him
- Sam proposes her to leave London with him and have a grocery shop at Aldbrickham
- Sophy and Randolph go to a cricket match then she tells him about her second marriage with Sam
- The son refuses and is ashamed of his mother - Time :
afternoon-evening June 1890
Sam proposed her the first time : spring 1870 probably
death of the first wife : evening on spring
- Place :
a suburbs of London ; parks or private gardens
North Wessex, Gaymead (Sophy's house) - Sophy : 30~40 years olds, comes from the country; married for more than 14 years, has 1 child of 13 years old; enjoys concert
- Sam Hobson : gardener --> master greengrocer; subplot; ready to offer her a home
- Reverend Twycott/ vicar : 40 years old, childless, small family of 1, mostly indoor, gentleman, sympathy, organized and well-arranged, committed social suicide, prudent, provisioned, cares about his reputation, conscious of Sophy's presence / 60 years old, married twice, 1 child, was in charge of a small parish
- Randolph : 12~13 years old, public school, likes the aristocrats - Social classes
upper class : officials, royalty, nobility
upper middle class : vicar, teachers, doctors, gentlemen ?
Lower middle class : partially cultured clerks (Sophy after she got married to Mr.Twycott)
Working class : laborer, gardener, parlor-maid (Sophy before)
- Love "What should he do if Sophy were gone"
- Family "He hoped his stepfather would be a gentleman"
- Education "his aristocratic school-knowledge" - narration : an omniscient position; third person but the narrator seems to know the inner thoughts of the protagonists. Puts himself as an interlocutor with the reader "the next time WE get a glimpse..."
- Hardy captures the reader's interest in this unknown woman viewed through the eyes of a man at the beginning
- use of different methods to portray Sophy's isolation
- Randolph --> a formal and a more expensively bought language
- Sophy --> language of her rural up bringing in the small village
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