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unit 7 - past simple

No description

belén moreno

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of unit 7 - past simple

10th April 2013 LESSON 4
12th April 2013 UNIT 7 - Who invented money? LESSON 2
Monday, 8th April 2013 LESSON 1 Friday, 5th April 2013 What kind of
word is did? GOOD MORNING!! "Did" is an auxiliary
that we use to talk
about the past we use DID in two forms:
- negative
- interrogative Ask your partner!! MAKE QUESTIONS What did you do last night?
... last week?
... last summer?
etc... Homework:
- workbook pg 46 ex. 1 See you on Monday! What words
don't we know? -Pocket: it is a part of your coat or jacket in which you put something into it.
-Toss the coin up: when you catch a coin and throw it away.
-Power pack: an electrical object that we use to charge our mobile phones.
-Go back: to return. What words

don't we know? -Exchange: to give and receive. for example: I give you something and I receive another thing from you.
-Pocket money: the money your parents give you for a week to buy what you want, or even to save it.
-Go forward: avanzar.
-To fill: to complete.
-Meet back: go and back.
-Pick up: to collect.
-Donkey: it is an animal, similar to a horse.
-Note: money in paper. Ex. 4: comic
Read the text Do you
last lesson What are you doing now?
I am looking at the blackboard. Q A S I
What do you usually do on Monday mornings?
I usually get up at 8'00. Q A S I
What did you do yesterday afternoon?
Yesterday afternoon, I watched TV. Study Watch Cook A S I
Did you play football last Saturday? - We use DID in negative
and interrogative sentences
- The regular verbs in past simple,
end in -ed. A S I
Did you study English yesterday? Yes, you do! Let's check our
homework! Complete the chart with the verbs in the song Let's read the song together Page 46, ex. 1 HOMEWORK!! See you on
Wednesday!! Copy on
your notebook Yesterday,
played Last summer,
visited Last Monday,
studied Yesterday,
watched Last night,
listened to Write sentences
using these words: Do you have pocket money? What do you do for your pocket money? present continuous present simple past simple Yes, I did. // No, I didn't. Yes, I did. // No, I didn't. Let's correct the homework! Complete the chart with the verbs in the song Answer the questions Homework Act. Book pg 47, ex. 3 and 4 PAST SIMPLE regular
verbs irregular
verbs How do we form regular verbs
in past? -ed -e --> -d -y --> -ied vowel + -y --> -ed listen listened study studied change changed play played one syllable (C, V, C) --> double How do you pronounce these words? stop stopped walked
tidied See you on Friday! How do we form regular verbs
in past? -ed -e --> -d -y --> -ied vowel + -y --> -ed one syllable (CVC) --> double listen listened change changed study studied play played stop stopped yesterday - last month / day / week - years / a month ago Let's do it
ex. 6 and 8
book pg 48 Homework: workbook
pg 48, ex. 6 and 7 go - buying -want -understand
go back - put on didn't know - tossed up - asked
didn't tell - didn't have - said
watched - didn't see Let's correct the homework! See you on Monday!
Have a nice weekend! LESSON 5 12th April 2013
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