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Prezibase Designs

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of influence

The Art and Science of
And there are four stages within Attraction:

Attraction initially is nothing more than curiosity.
Demonstrating High Value
With practice, you can train your body to be in a dominant /confident state that becomes your default state, and conveys credibility, attractiveness.

We are in a constant state of unconsciously processing information and forming impressions of the people we interact with. This explains your hunches or intuition about a person.

Dominant Body Language Creates Attraction, Submissive Body Language Kills It

A close or harmonious relationship in which individuals or groups understand each other’s feelings and ideas and communicate well.

Rapport is the foundation for dealing effectively with people. It’s that spark of connection. Rapport is the science of liking.

Rapport is where cooperation comes from. Teamwork, alignment, camaraderie, empathy, trust, share elements with Rapport.

Rapport is the direct transfer of emotion from one person to the next.

Understanding how to open up and reveal yourself and make an emotional connection with someone you just met is extremely powerful and extremely effective.

In the Context of Communication
Because whenever two or more people are in deep rapport, the one that is more committed to his outcome generally gets it.

Rapport is Power!

Trying to communicate with someone when you are out of rapport is like trying to slow dance wearing rubber rain boots.

Attraction is very short-lived. So there is a specific time during the interaction, where you have to go into rapport or it tanks really quickly.

Rapport is what’s missing for guys who are seen as sleazy, sales people who are viewed as dishonest, or meditation teachers who are perceived to be in a cult. They either skip rapport altogether, or they brush over it too quickly.
The Absence of Rapport
Enrollment II
Master Mindset #1
Master Mindset #2:
Making A Contribution
Master Mindest #3
Curiosity is King
Master Mindset #4
Flexible Intention vs Outcome Dependence
Master Mindset # 5
Sincere Belief and Absolute Certainty.
Master Mindset # 6
Emotional Contagion and State Change
The Mindset of Abundance
3 Enrollment Strategies
Art of Living
Going beyond the product slick

Sales people communicate for a living

The 30-Second Introduction
Compelling Questions

The Science of Enrollment
The Amazing Power of Curiosity
Influential Language

The Wheel
Forecasting the Appointment
Servicing Your Prospects
High Value is an outward appearance of inner self confidence and self worth
In the Context of Persuasion/Enrollment
Building the Irresistible Offer
Phase I
(Boutique ISOs)
a. Personal Invitations
b. Confidential Prezi/Webinar
c. Intro Talk
d. Compensation Model
e. Supporting Materials
f. FAQs
g. 10 Call Try-Out
h. Meet N Greet the Founders
Building the Irresistible Offer
Phase II
Enlightened Wealth Partners

• Establish an Independent Sales Organization that offers current employees of HPS, or those who have gotten out of the industry an opportunity to re-enter the lifestyle they loved - minus the rat-race.

• By bundling Wave Spot with 2 additional brands, we increase the earning potential needed to attract top players….and deepen our solution for our customers.

Introducing Eyeconic
Fully managed digital signage and menu solutions for restaurants.

Influences customers’ buying decisions.

The opportunity to create consistent, integrated branding.

Work with Wave Spot to create reinforce messaging and offers.

Signing bonus plus residual model.

Determine Income Potential
Low-Mid-Top Tier

Relationship Managers 1:1

Division Managers 4 or 5:1

Eventual SVP 25:1

Outside Organizations

Stock/Equity Program

Letter of Intent

Residuals Turn to Options

Channel Director Compensation
Over-ride Percentage SB/Residual

90-day Get Started Retainer

Graphic Design Support

Equity/Stock Ownership

Dominant Body Language
Training, Immersion and Site Visit
Social Dynamics
Enrollment 108
the study of you, on the playground of your life.
Inner Game –
the flow of thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns you experience in social situations
Outer Game
– your verbal and non verbal strategies for engaging, relating, connecting and influencing others
2. Rapport
Enrollment 108 Drivers
3. Enrollment I
4. Enrollment II
5. Value
6. Finding
your Mission
1. Attraction
1. Mindsets –
set of beliefs or way of looking at things that determines one’s behavior, outlook and mental attitude.
2. Strategies
– a blueprint, map, or way of going about something
The Map of Human Interaction
3. Skills –
learned competencies, tactical knowledge: what to say, questions to ask, steps to follow.
4. 1:1 Ratio –
Equal Parts Knowledge to Action
The Map of Human Interaction
a. Introduction,
b. Demonstrating High Value with
c. Body Language and
d. Outward Focus Banter )
begins the moment the other person becomes aware of you.
At any given time you can be internally focused—occupied in your own thoughts or externally focused present to your environment ….you want to be aware of which state you are in.

Outward Focus
Banter is spontaneous, playful, content-free conversation….yet the dichotomy is that Banter is always conscious and aware.

Banter lines can be sincere compliments, observations, questions or references

Creating Authentic Connection
Rapport and Emotions
Rapport is relationship based on responsiveness. What one person sends out the other person sends back.

Entering into their world, seeing through their eyes.

In the Context of the Map of Interaction
a. Some of us are more comfortable in rapport so skip they attraction.

Consequence is they can seem needy

b. Some of us are comfortable in banter/attraction, so they stay in banter or brush over…

Can seem seem superficial.

c. Some people stay in rapport so long the conversation drags, and the window to Enroll or Engage closes.

Can seem uncertain of themselves
The 4 Stages of Rapport
* the ultimate goal of communication is to build rapport
* and rapport is the transfer of emotion from one person

Light Rapport
You are asking each other to open up and share at this point.

On the surface – showing interest in the person by searching for potential emotional connections.

Using the information uncovered, connect on a deeper level.

Inquisitive. Curious. Interested. Casual.

Ex: Where did you grow up?
Wide Rapport
Here, you discuss (or ask a question about) a specific item that came up in light rapport and connect on a still deeper level.

Several specific topics will be discussed in wide rapport.

family, occupation, relationship, dreams

Ex: Oh, I love Colorado. What was your favorite thing about living there?
Deep Rapport
A change in body language often signals the arrival of deep rapport.

Leaning in; solid eye contact. Seems like everything around you fades away and what is called an “Us Bubble” is created.

There is a deepening of connection and somewhat intense feelings of empathy.
When you stop talking about the rapport topic and bounce back to either light or wide rapport.

There is a physical reset mirrors the mental reset, one of you sits back.

Every time you repeat the pattern you build a stronger bond!
Matching And Modeling
Intimate Connections: Being in step, in sync, on the same wavelength and creating “good vibes”

We are wired physiologically and genetically to respond favorably to that which reminds us of us-- Our tribe—if you will.

The secret to establishing and maintaining rapport is flexibility.

Flex your communication to Match the person you are creating Rapport with
Vocal Matching to Build Rapport
Volume: Loud Soft

Pitch: Deep High

Tempo: Fast Slow

Tone: Attitude behind the words
Serious Light

Accent: Speech habits typical to a group of people

Buzzwords: Use similar word choices/their jargon

Sentence Length: Similar length of phrases so both share equally
Non Verbal Rapport (mirroring)
Non-Verbal Rapport (mirroring)
Immediacy behaviors are the way intimacy occurs
1. Posture -spine, shoulders, head
2. Arm/leg position – crossed
3. Gestures -- hands
4. Eye Contact, blinks, movement
5. Facial expressiveness
6. Breathing
Breaking Rapport
Ways in which we unintentionally break rapport
1. Shoulders back and down
2. Chin slightly raised
3. Making wide strides, heal touches before toe.
4. Eyes forward (not down) making eye contact.
5. Slight smile, relaxed pleasant expression.
Projecting Dominant Body Language
Take up space. Spread yourself out a bit.
Sit up straight and tall – good posture
Keep your head up.

Make strong eye contact. While talking you should be holding eye contact for the majority of the time; if you are talking to a group, switch between the different members, but always be holding it with someone.

Your voice –throat and stomach

a. banter with your throat; enroll with your stomach

End on a down note, not an up…definitive vs questioning
The power of laughter –vulnerability is very appealing.
Light touch, handshake; pat on the back, shoulder or wrist

Sitting Standing
1. Slouch
2. Look Down
3. Lean in to be heard
4. Lower your head
5. Crouch to take up small amount of space (shoulders, arms)
6. Eliminate “ums” and “uhs.”
7. Avoid sudden hyper-gestures, move fluently.
Submissive Body Language Kills Attraction and Credibility
Practice Radical Empathy: The Shift from Me to We
Questions are the Answer
Create Alignment
Get over the Logistics already.
Get some background information
1. Interrupting, talking over them, being directive, demanding, bossy.
2. Inward focus or distracted. Texting breaks rapport!
3. Profanity, slang, politics, religious, or sexual references.
4. Being "me" focused, self centered, or self absorbed.
5. Using unfamiliar words, jargon or vocabulary.
6. Not listening, not answering the question, making excuses.
7. Being late breaks rapport!
8. Inappropriate dress, bad breath, body odor, cigarette smoke, perfume.
9. Vocal Rapport Breaks: speaking too fast, slow, loud, quiet, high or low.
10. Vocal Tonality: Being too informal or too serious.

1. I AM CURIOUS….it seems like you have a somewhat hectic lifeystyle…I AM WONDERING….what do you do to blow off steam… and manage the stress in your life?

2.I just heard someone say, that the average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO….

3.HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW you could be more productive at work, by actually working fewer hours?
Stress Theme
1. I AM CURIOUS…have you read the research that has been done on meditation recently, and how it is linked to happiness?

2. When you laughed just then it reminded me of something read….ARE YOU AWARE that a newborn baby smiles 1,200 times a day?

3 I AM WONDERING IF YOU’VE EVER NOTICED… a correlation between your emotions-- what you are feeling-- and the way in which you are breathing?
Happiness Theme
I AM CURIOUS HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED who is financing all those ridiculous credit card offers pull out of your mail-box and throw away every day?
Next Day Funders
MY GUESS IS THAT YOU ARE PROBABLY ALREADY AWARE OF THE FACT THAT….the Dallas metroplex has the fourth highest rated multi-family occupancy in the nation?
I AM WONDERING…IF YOU HAVE EVER CONSIDERED….why a restaurant has a facebook page?

I AM CURIOUS if your organization is aware of some of the sustainable initiatives passed by the Obama administration last fall, and the penalties for being out of compliance?
1. I AM CURIOUS…have you read the research that has been done on meditation recently, and how it is linked to happiness?
Art of Living Elaborations
2. When you laughed just then it reminded me of something read….ARE YOU AWARE that a newborn baby smiles 1,200 times a day?
I AM WONDERING IF YOU’VE EVER NOTICED… a correlation between your emotions-- what you are feeling-- and the way in which you are breathing?
Elaboration Yeah, there’s been all kinds of research published that shows a daily mediation practice correlates to things like feelings of compassion, gratitude and well being. It’s suddenly gone mainstream…. Some top hospitals clinics are prescribing meditation as a treatment for depression, and even PTSD.
Elaboration Now , I am not sure how scientific this is, but it’s interesting to consider….what happens to us? That free-n-easy, care-free in-the- moment feelings we have has children….sort of dry up as we get older. And one school of thought I learned with the Art of Living…I don’t know…
Well…the ancient Yogis believe that every emotion has a corresponding breath, or pattern of breathing. Think about that…it’s fascinating. And by incorporating certain patterns and intervals of breathing into our daily meditation practice, we can bring about profound feelings of happiness and well-being…that remind me a bit of when I was a chlid
This is the step where we endorse our organization, course, opportunity, etc. as a way to satisfy their curiosity, or solve their problem.

The Core Story will serve as a soft introduction.

The X Factor will introduce them as to WHY.

The Irresistible Offer is a summary of next steps, logistics, price, and an invitation as to how to proceed.

(to publicly recommend or support)
….well the art of living foundation is an international non profit, committed to doing a boat load of good in the world. From everything from feeding the hungry to disaster relief, women’s empowerment, ….but primarily they are known for their Self Aawarness Courses, that about 50 million people have benefitted from.

Core Story
…the Happiness Course is an energetic and inspiring highly interactive 4-day workshop that teaches ancient knowledge and philosophies, for modern day applications….based around the science of the BREATH, called pranayama. Which participants continue to use every day. The result is absolutely mind-blowing and life-changing journey into the very nature of happiness and inner peace.

X Factor
….I agree completely. In fact, taking this course was one of the single most impactful events of my entire life. Spaces are filling up because an national famous teacher is coming to town next month. It’s generally a Thursday – Sunday, I think 24 hours in all…to empower you with tools that you can use exponentially increase your number of daily smiles.
Irresistible Offer
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