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INT Presentation

No description

Daniel Balda

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of INT Presentation

OBJECTIVE Who am I? Interview Daniel Balda Mathematics Informaton Systems Queens Computers Hardware Software Protocols TCP/IP CAT 5e Internet Network Spanish English Ecuador Internship Career ? ? ? ? ? ? Guayaquil Why is this career path good for me? Courses taken Networking I & II E-commerce I & II Intro to
Systems Computer Programming Personal Qualifications Fast learner Patient Curious Creative Troubleshooting New Technologies Problem solving or just because. . . . Career Liftoff said so 30 Second Sell Coverall Brad Austin .
Technical Engineer at Movie Mars Duties Maintains the system Develops Systems Write programs Open to change Self-motivated My Network Family
Friends Friends-to-be Community
Church Family-to-be? How to find an Internship
and/or Job CCN http://www.collegecentral.com One Day One Internship http://www.onedayoneinternship.com/ Indeed http://www.indeed.com/ Dice http://www.dice.com/ Monster College http://college.monster.com/ Future Trends What's Next? Increase in demand through 2018 Constant technological change According to College Board Take more computer related classes Learn on my own After knowing the theory . . . Find an internship Any Questions ? ? ? ? ?
? Thank You!
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