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The Sign of the Beaver Bok Report

Here you can learn most of the narrative elemants in the book: The Sigh of the Beaver.

Milan Radonjich

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of The Sign of the Beaver Bok Report

Book Report by: Milan Radonjich The Sign of the Beaver The Story The story is about how a boy is left to survive at a cabin in the forest where a new settlement is being made, while his father gets the rest of his family. There twelve-year-old Matt gets rescued by an Indian chief and his grandson, Attean. Matt survives by learning the way of an Indian and soon enough gets a big offer that can change his life as we know it. What will Matt say to this offer? Will he accept or decline? The main characters include: Meeting the Characters The Problem of the Story The Resolution By Milan Radonjich Author: Elizabeth George Speare Matt:A twelve-year-old turning thirteen-year-old, white boy who survives the forest with his Indian friend Attean, waiting for his family to return. He is a friendly, curious, determined, brave and smart boy. Attean: A fourteen-year-old Indian boy who has long black hair and accompanies Matt. Attean is the grandson of Saknis, the chief of his tribe. He is in the Beaver Tribe. He is a spoiled (at the beginning of the story), friendly (around the middle-end), brave and smart boy. The Setting The setting takes place in a a forest with all kinds of other settings like the major setting and minor setting. The main setting takes place in a new settlement in a new cabin in 1786. The seasons take place from the middle of summer to the beginning of winter. Some minor settings take place in an Indian village, a pond, and a beaver dam. All the settings take place in the forest and all the settings are near each other. The major problem in this book is that Matt is alone needing to survive on his own at a cabin in a new settlement while waiting for his father and family to come back. Matt has no help to survive until he gets a surprise by Indians. This occurs because Matt 's father needs to get the rest of Matt 's family and Matt 's father needs someone to watch the new settlement so no one will steal or destroy the land. The problem in this story get resolved. The conflict gets solved. The major conflict gets resolved by in two ways. First he gets help from Indians and he learns the way of an Indian and then they must leave so he is alone again.Another resolution is that one day Matt seeing his family coming and finally getting to see them. After the conflict gets resolved Matt is happy and glad to see his family because he hasn't seen them for a few months. The End of the Story The end of the story is how after all the adventures and after Attean finding his manitou Matt and Attean separate ways. Attean told Matt that he and his tribe was going to leave and make a new village somewhere else. Then Attean and his grandfather, Saknis offer Matt an offer that could change his life! The offer was that if Matt wanted to he could joined the the tribe Attean was in. Matt decides that he still has hope in his family coming back and declines. From there Matt has to survive the winter without Attean and his people. One day while Matt is outside he sees a light! Then he noticed that it was his family! When his family arrived at the cabin they told Matt why they were late. They all were happy and glad. From there Matt plans to tell them the story of Attean, his "Indian brother". Thank You for Listening to The Sign of the Beaver Book Report! Events Between the Problem and the Resolution There were many events between the problem and resolution. One event between the problem and resolution was how Matt met/got rescued by a Indian chief, Saknis and his grandson, Attean.

Another event between the problem and resolution is when there was a feast at Attean 's village and Matt was invited so he went and there they ate a bear that Matt and Attean hunted.

When Matt found Attean 's dog in a trap and got help from Attean 's sister was an event that was between the problem and resolution. The minor characters include: Saknis: A chief of the Beaver Tribe. He is the grandfather of Attean and is an Indian. He is a kind and smart guy. Ben: A man who is a hungry thief! He is first nice, then he is mean (taking the rifle Matt had). Matt 's family (mother, father and sister): A family to Matt. They are kind ,caring and scared (of leaving Matt alone). Attean 's grandmother: The wife of the chief of the tribe. She first doesn't like Matt but soon she does. Cause and Effect The cause makes the effect happen(cause is red ,effect is blue). Matt lets a stranger in the cabin.--> Matt gets his rifle stolen.

Saknis and Attean rescue Matt.-->Matt meets Indians like his future friend ,Attean.

Matt saves Attean 's dog.--> Attean 's grandmother starts to like him.

Matt declines a big offer!--> Matt gets a special surprise visit.
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