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Instructional writing ahead. By joey Hanby

No description

Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Instructional writing ahead. By joey Hanby

Step 1 ahead
1)Take the Xbox out of its protection box then unwrap carefully out of the bubble wrap.
Step two in 2 miles
Step 2 ahead
Lay out all components that you need to use for this wonderful invention.
Step 3 in 1 mile
step 3
plug the Xbox into the the power source A.K.A the plug in your house that you might use to plug your TV in
Step four in 3 miles.
step 4
plug the cords into the coresponding area Which is located in the back of the Xbox on the left side. Then plug the end of that cord into the square box that comes with the xbox.
Step 5 ahead
step 5
step 6
Now you need to sync this controller on the flat top that does not have any buttons except for one small button press and hold that button. Then find the button on the Xbox that is located next to the tray that you put the disc in the Xbox hold those buttons at the same time Till you see all four rings on the front of the controller (where the buttons are) controller start blinking at the same time
The last and final step is to have fun!!!
Instructional writing ahead.
How to set up Xbox 360 1 mile
Now turn the Xbox on by touching or pressing(depending on the type of Xbox) the center button in the middle of the Xbox on the front side.
step 7
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