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Badminton Prezi

Introduction to Badminton

Suzanne Winoski

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Badminton Prezi

Battledore What is Badminton? Basic Badminton Equipment Benefits of Playing Badminton Badminton is a fun, exciting racquet sport,
that can be enjoyed for fun or for competition. History of Badminton -Originated in ancient civilizations of Europe and Asia. Racquet - Birdie Net -Raises the heart rate
-Whole body workout
-Lifetime Activity
-Fun! High Serve Tactics Badminton Grip Singles Badminton Strategies Ready Position Backhand Clear Badminton Rocks! In the 1600's it was played by royalty and the upper classes-
Object of game - hit the birdie back and forth with a racquet as many times as possible Modern Badminton -
Played by British soldiers stationed in Poona, India in the 19th century POONA Brought back to England and introduced to guests of the Duke of Beaufort at his estate called "Badminton" in Gloucestershire, England. History ... Scoring Court
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