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Role of a school counselor

No description

Alex Armor

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Role of a school counselor

The Role of a Chatham County School Counselor
Addressing the Achievement Gap
Does your child have an equal opportunity to graduate?
Does your child have computer access?
Does your child have additional responsibilities outside of school and need extra help?
Time management
Study skills
Collaborate with teachers
To ensure they can meet the needs of low, middle and highly competent students i.e training and workshops
To ensure cultural competency
Preparing Your Kids for the Future
How do we interact with you child on a day-to-day basis?
Data Matters
We use data to...
to develop the program
implement program
evaluate the program
evaluate ourselves
Graduation Rate

Thank You!
Please see our quarterly newsletter for more information on
Counseling services
Getting to college checklist
Calender of events
Students who do not graduate with a high school degree might face challenges
living in poverty
e.g guidance lesson on stress management
e.g. timeline for applying to college
e.g. resume building class
What Counseling Looks Like
One-on-one counseling
Group counseling
Responsive services, for example students in crisis
Collaborating with parents/teachers/students
The Importance of a HS Degree
We want to ensure ALL students can succeed
We want them to have a vision that provides purposeful motivation for their coursework
We want to prepare all students to excel in post-secondary education and careers
English and math skills
critical thinking skills
communication skills
How can YOU help?
Attend parent nights for information on college/career preparation
Sign up for online calendar updates
Develop a relationship with our counseling department
Maintain an open line of communication with your child
Collaborating with Other Stakeholders
Community members
Non-profit organizations
Local business
School administrators

(e.g., Alexander, Entwisle & Horsey, 1997; Rumberger, 1987)
What do you think Chatham County's graduation rate is?
What do you think a school counselor does?
a) Interpreting aptitude test scores
b) Providing individual and small-group
counseling services to students
c) Providing counseling to students who are
tardy or absent
d) Individual student academic program
All of the above!!!
Any Questions??
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