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Erik Love

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of SS8H2b

Highland Scots
From Salzburg, Austria
Austrian Empire
Seeking religious freedom
Opposed to Slavery
Settled Ebenezer/New Ebenezer
On GA/SC border
1734, moved in 1736
The Trustee Period
b. Evaluate the Trustee Period of Georgia’s colonial history, emphasizing the role of the Salzburgers, Highland Scots, malcontents, and the Spanish threat from Florida.
Wanted Slavery
From Scotland
Founded in January 1736 by 177 Highland Scots
Restrictions on land ownership
(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
of the Georgia Colony: 1733-1752
Spanish Threat from Florida
Settled Darien, GA.
Opposed to slavery
On the Spanish Frontier
Recruited to protect against Spanish invasion from the south
$$$ gets serious
were the malcontents right?
how to make the colony make money?
The War of Jenkins Ear 1739-1748 (really 1742)
Battle of Bloody Marsh (part of The War of Jenkins Ear)
SS8H2 The student will analyze the colonial period of Georgia’s history.
Ebenezer/New Ebenezer settled here
on the GA/SC border
Settled by Salzburgers
Darien settled here
On the Spanish frontier
Settled by Highland Scots
about $$$, not slavery!
July 18, 1742
On St. Simon's Island
Georgia colonists won/Led by Oglethorpe
Conflict between Great Britain and Spain
Guess which colony was right in the middle?
(who, by the way leaves Georgia forever in 1744, goes home to England and marries some younger rich girl and never really has to work again in his life...but he remained a pretty nice guy, all the same)
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