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There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom

By: Louis Sachar

Nikki Aquino

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom

There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom
Book By: Louis Sachar
Presentation By: Nikki Aquino Main Characters Bradley Chalkers Bradley is the oldest kid in
5th grade. He tells outragous
lies and everyone including
teachers say he has behavior
problems. Carla Davis Carla is the new school
counselor and is the only
teacher who believes that
Bradley can change his bad
ways if she gives him a chance. Jeff Fishkin Jeff is a new student
who transfered
from Washington
D.C. and is sort of
Bradley's friend,
but soon hangs out
with another group of
of friends because
of a nasty rumor about
him and Bradley. Setting The setting mostly takes place at Red Hill School at recess or in room 12. Red Hill School seemed to me as if it was a decent sized school with long hallways, a classroom on every corner, but easy to get lost in. The outside has a flat roof and is filled with bricks all the way down to the grass. The literal outside (or playground) has a big basketball court,and a ginormous football/kickball field. Also the playground has a red slide, 2 swings, and yellow monkey bars with a fence seperating the playground from the people's houses who lived right across the school. Room 12 is Mrs. Ebbel's clasroom which is also the classroom Bradley is in. I pictured it this way. It's on the 2nd floor and when you first walk in you see a room filled with desks in 4 straight rows of 5, one behind the other. The teacher's desk is right in front so that way she can monitor everyone.The windows are on the right of the teacher and when you'd look outside you could see the basketball court. Plot A boy named Bradley Chalkers was the oldest kid in 5th Grade and everyone was scared of him. He had no friends until he met a boy, Jeff Fishkin who came from Washington D.C. Jeff is his only friend at first , and Bradley thinks it's really weird because everyone, even the teachers srongly dislike him. Shortly after that event, Bradley has to go see the counselor, Carla Davis. He's very rude to her at first and she acts like she doesn't care and it doesn't hurt her feelings. Only to show Bradley that he's not mean and he can be a great person on the inside. Bradley always thought it was some kind of trap that she was setting up, but she wasn't. Later in the story Bradley and a girl named Melinda get into a physical fight and she sends Bradley home crying. Bradley told his mother it was Jeff who beat him up and then she called the school. When the word got around that Jeff beat up Bradley, everyone wanted to be friends with Jeff. Jeff was really happy because(it even states in the book) the people that wanted to hang out with Jeff were the kind of people Jeff had hung out with in Washinton D.C. That much pressure made Jeff "admit" that he had beaten up Bradley. That situation made everyone not be afarid of Bradley and he got called a lot of names. For a period of time Jeff and Bradley were not freinds. Problem Solution Read,
"There's A Boy
In The
Girls' Bathroom" Bradley (since he's so bad) never gets what they call in
Mrs. Ebbel's classroom gold stars. Even though he wants
at least one, he cant ruin his "bad reputation". Everyone else
in the calssroom had at least 2 gold stars and evryday he would look up at the chart full of gold stars and try to convince himself that he doesn't need one. But he knows he wants one really bad. Bradley never did any of his homework. So, one month he was given a book report to do. He read the book, and did what he expected to. The next day he showed it to Carla (the counselor). But then she had told him that this was her last day at Red Hill and she was being transferred. Bradley got so mad he ripped the book report to shreds. Since Carla was very understanding of Bradley and she knew why he was mad when he left she tapped all the pieces back together and gave it to Mrs. Ebbel. Mrs Ebbel called Bradley over one day to say that he did a wonderful job on his book report. Then, she said that it was so good, she gave him a gold star. He was so happy, he stared at it all day.
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