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shy evans

on 22 March 2014

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By : Shyniece Evans

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi

Betsey Johnson is a famous fashion designer , she was born on August 10, 1942 in Wethersfield, Connecticut since then she has made a name for herself. Betsey had oppurtunites as a child , she danced in many styles and during those years she realized how much she loved drawing and designing costumes. She went to Syracuse university and got a job as a designer at Paraphernalia, an offbeat New York clothing boutique. The ethnic background of betsey is american it influenced her in many ways she couldn't imagine as well as her social and cultural , she met along with many fashion designers in the London fashion scene and helped with the youth quake movement.
What did she do ?
Betsey is fashion's most vibrant icons , she is known for incorporating bright colors . Her fancy clothes influenced the society in the sixties they never saw such clothes before and just inspired them to be different. Betsey has made dramatic fashion statements showing that you can be different her designs included slinky knitwear and outrageous fabrics put together were a unique sight to see in the public eye. Betsey did not have to alter her life plans but she was diagnosed with breast caner and she did not let it stop her she fought through it like a true survivor. i learned that you can be different and still amazing and she is a true inspiration because she didn't let anything stop her she is an amazing entrepreneur to look up to for inspiration.
How she followed the hunt ?
H - Betsey had an idea in mind when she was younger and she stuck to it , she pursued her career by going to the right college and planning out her future.
U- Her company closing down she continued to design/ breast cancer.
N- Betsey worked with mary quant and andy warhol and chantal bacon.
T- After graduating college she became known by winning Mademoiselle magazine's Guest Editor Contest and earned a job there.
Cites !
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