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The Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

No description

meggie snyder

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of The Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

How does it help the Squid?
The squid uses the bacteria to mimic the light coming from the moon above and shines the bacteria's light downward, thus eliminating the squids shadow from the ocean floor so predators can't see it.
The squid is pretty much invisible because of how the light eliminates its shadow on the ocean floor. Therefore, it is much safer hunting during the night to hunt and can use this to it's advantage when sneaking up on its prey.
The Hawaiian Bobtail Squid
and its symbiotic relationship with bio luminescent bacteria
How the bacteria do it
When the bacteria live in something called the light organ, and they each release an autoinducer into the surrounding area. They can tell how much autoinducer is there, so when they reach a critical population and begin to produce light.
Process Cont.
The bacteria then go through a chemical reaction where they use oxidization, and encode and produce enzymes and proteins and produce the blue/green light that is reflected down through the squid's mantle.

How bio-luminescent bacteria can help humans
This relationship can be used in medicine, research regarding bacteria, and military technology.
Many scientists believe that researching more about this bacteria and its relationship with the squid could lead to new ways of camouflage for the military.
scientists are looking at quorum sensing (which allows bacteria to communicate when to produce light, sleep, reproduce, or even cause health problems in their hosts) to see if we can start to learn to control if bacteria reproduce, begin certain reactions and processes, or even cause sicknesses.
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