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Amy Winehouse

Creativity Analysis

Devon Furlong

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Amy Winehouse

Devon Furlong, Briana Greco & Sheretta Noel AMY WINEHOUSE Agenda 1. Amy's life and Contribution
2. Personal Sources of Creativity
3. Situational Sources of Creativity
4. Person-Situation Interaction
5. New Ideas Amy's Life 1983 2003 1996 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 "A creative idea is both novel and useful." (Goncalo) Relationships with others: argumentative, assertive, rebellious, unconventional, cynical, confident, individualistic, sharp-witted
Information processing: original, reflective
Motivation: ambitious
Affective disposition: high levels of anxiety, emotional sensitivity Gough (1979) Risk-taking
Tolerance of ambiguity
Smart but childlike and naive
Extraverted around people but capable of being alone General Traits and Personality Negative affect:
"Every bad situaiton is a blues song waiting to happen."
Mental disorders are dimensional:
Extreme anxiety, depression and self harm
Diagnosed as a manic depressive but refused to take medication
Speculation about Borderline Personality Disorder
Member of the 27 Club:
Passed away from accidental alcohol poisoning
Causality is indirect Madness and Creativity Personal Sources of Creativity Drug and Alcohol Abuse Studio
Cross-cultural & cross-genre
Still highly requested despite public image Relationships Parents & family
"Daddy thinks I'm fine..."
Close with father
Grew up with music

Also in the industry
Introduced her to drugs
Abusive relationship "Amy was proud of the fact she started smoking cannabis at the age of 13. A year later, she started writing songs, and cannabis was part of the creative process — and part of being a modern, uninhibited woman.” Music Industry Situational Sources of Creativity "Not badly behaved...but, different."
-- Amy's Dad Amy's Creative Contribution Creative inspiration for young female artists
Real melody, genuine rhythm, and passionate/emotional lyrics in popular music
Her death is considered a tragedy to music
Considered a musical creative genius by her admirers and peers
Awarded 5 Grammy awards in 2006 and nominated for the 2013 Brit Award Person-situation Interaction Wrote first songs under the influence of drugs
Family upbringing with music led to first album "Frank"
Abusive relationship and break-up inspired "Back to Black" tracks
Music industry and relationships enabled drug and alcohol problem New Ideas Impact of drugs and alcohol on creativity
Relationship with male figures to creativity
Finding a stronger link to the 27 Club
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