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Quick Write:

No description

Becky Brown

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Quick Write:

Quick Write:
Think about a time when your loyalty was tested and you were tempted to switch sides or give up. In a short paragraph, briefly describe the situation and explain what you decided. What was the most crucial factor in your decision?
Thomas Paine: A Brief Biography
What did you learn about the life of Thomas Paine? How do you think his culture, background, and experiences influenced his writing?
Analyzing Persuasive Strategies:
As you read along in Paine's essay, be ready to respond to the following question on your whiteboard:
What persuasive strategy is Paine using?
appeal to logic?
appeal to emotion?
or, appeal to authority?
Your "Thomas Paine: Reader Response Guide will be DUE next class session.
Setting the context...
In 1776, General George Washington, knowing the American colonists who had signed on to fight in the war were feeling demoralized, ordered a chapter of Thomas Paine's "The Crisis" to be read to the soldiers at Valley Forge.

After reading entries from Albigence Waldo's diary, what can you infer life must have been like for these soldiers?
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