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Supermarket Psychology

No description

Kristin Hartwig

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Supermarket Psychology

Thank you for listening.
Any questions? Supermarket Psychology Trade Marketing

Psychology of Sales


Visual Marketing
Auditory Marketing
Gustative & Olfactory
Tactile Marketing

Conclusion Supermarket Psychology English for Business Communication I Kristin Hartwig I 02.01.2013 Strategies Top Things to Know Trade Marketing Definitions Psychology Visual Marketing Sources - a self-service shop
- with a wide variety of food and household products
- meat, fresh products, dairy, baked goods
- alcohol, medicine, clothes
- minimum size has to be 400 sq m
- organized into aisles

- grocery store - supermarket - hypermarket

- supermarkets usually offer products at low prices
- customers shop by putting their selected items into baskets
- they pay for the merchandise at the check-out different activities with that retailers want to affect their customers
+++ trading concerns, producers, consultants in comunication, ... ?? Strategy Function Environment supermarket customer AIMS supermarket profit happiness ( ( Structure the alignment of sales and marketing discipline to profit How does the customer think and what motivates him? business market: product, price, place, promotion
resourcing market: the policy of order, price and distribution
competitive market: market research
intern market: presentation of the shop & goods, placement of the goods activities are aimed to control the 4 markets: Supermarket - study of behavior and experience of humans

- facts we know about human decisions
20% rational causes
80% in impulsive , direct in the situation
knotting to individual needs

- make the consumer feel comfortable in his buying experience Psychology of Sales to make you buy as much as possible Possibilities

1. the supermarkets adapt their marketing
strategies to the opinion of the customers

2. the supermarket changes customer's opinion
according to his own opinion

customer segmentation in types:
experience, convenience, price, brands or environment orientated


factors for the choice
service, presentation & decoration of the products
arrangements that carry customer loyalty
price level, design of the environment

multisensory marketing
to improve the mood of a shopper
to create a unique shopping experience.
_________________________________________ MILK!! Strategies - fruits or flowers near the entrance
- long distances to basic food
- colors that let the fresh food look more tasty
attention health&freshness truth&friendliness
- big shopping baskets
- colored posters reference special offers
- cross merchandising
- expensive products at eye level Auditory Marketing - supermarkets always play soft music
- studies prove that a customer stays longer
when the music is slow

- music and advertising fit to the daytime
- unknowingly manipulation on POS Brand Sense: study brand loyality: http://www.corporate-senses.com/de/sensorybranding.html number of activated senses brand loyality Gustative & Olfactory - sampling or free-tasting promotion
- customers linked characteristics with taste
sweet sour bitter salty

- coffee and bread flavor
- a nice smell creates self confidence& comfort
- 75% of emotions are triggered by smell
- the willingness to buy should be stimulated - considers physical & psychological interaction
- can be manipulated through materials, weight,
softness, and comfort of the product

- it should reinforce the buying behavior in
interaction with the other senses Tactile Marketing - the more senses appealed to,
the more effective the branding will be

- supermarkets more often use the same
activities brands use

- 70% with that the customer leaves
wasnt on his shopping list

- how longer you stay at the supermarket
the more you will buy

Don’t go when you’re hungry!

Make a shopping list! LITERATURE
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http://www.corporate-senses.com/de/sensorybranding.html Summary: Forecast: Recommendation: The Grocers The Rise and Rise of
the Supermarket Chains Andrew Seth, Geoffrey Randall +
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