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PR Champions

No description

Council of PR Firms

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of PR Champions

Andrew Evangelista
Associate, Airfoil
Jamie Favazza
Account Coordinator, Airfoil
Liz Jannarone
Assistant Account Executive, 360 Public Relations
Morghen Johnson
Project Consultant, APCO Worldwide
Rebecca Dubick
Client Executive, Burson-Marsteller
Alyssa Bennett
Account Executive, Tunheim
Ali LaFleur
Account Executive, DeVries Global
Chaz Cox
Account Executive, Cohn & Wolfe
James Keith
Account Executive, LaunchSquad
Andy Peters
Account Executive, Linhart Public Relations
Dan Scorpio
Senior Associate, RF|Binder
Stephanie Ramirez
Account Associate, Social Media Specialist
Sara Schwartz
Account Executive, Havas PR
There's more to Denver than the skiing: Andy Peters discusses content creation, crisis communications and the people who make it worthwhile.
A healthcare PR specialist delivering strategic and impactful campaigns that truly make a difference in the lives of our consumers.
Finance/Tech PR at RF|Binder in NYC; MN native; Syracuse University alum; marathon runner, political junkie and devoted Springsteen fan
Telling stories of innovation and disruption from tech start-ups and emerging companies…think Facebook in 2004 
Moving cross-country, speaking/translating French, tier 1 media relations and a stellar team is the recipe for this young PR Pro's success.
Where there is a challenge, I see an opportunity – each day, lending my perspective to land results in a sassy but sophisticated approach to PR.
Chris Carpenter
Content & Community Manager, 360 Public Relations
Social media is my forte. PR news, pop culture, brand messaging, blogging – at 360PR, I cover it all
Consumer and brand marketing pro, social media and digital explorer, conquering each day with home décor, fashion and consumer tech clients.
Lindsey Laird
Vice President, Saxum
Chairman and CEO of the Laird family. I love garlic (sorry boys). I hate gossip (sorry girls). I haven’t made up my mind about Justin Bieber.
I’m passionate about storytelling & media relations. I’m high energy w/a computer mouse in the right hand & a cold @RedBull in the left.
Kimberley Cooper
Account Manager
Mitchell Communications
Voracious reader of all things fit to print (or tweet!) Tackle my job responsibilities with a sense of humor and a cup of coffee in hand.
Gabby Bladdick
Account Executive, Hanser & Associates
Gabby’s not-so-typical day includes media relations and social media, with a side of event planning and travel across the USA.
What do you get when you mix ambition, PR, social media strategy, digital storytelling, and Florida sunshine in the big green granny smith?
Alyssa Snow Callahan
Senior Account Executive, MSLGroup
I’ve always wanted to make a difference. My parents taught me to use my skills and talents to give something back to the world. It turns out there are many ways of doing that. In public relations, I’ve found a way to give back while also pursuing my love for writing.
Daphne Wang
Associate Director, APCO Worldwide
Jasmine Nesi
Alfred Fleishman Fellow
I’m a huge James Bond fan. So when I heard that our firm represented the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, and that I would be on the account, I was psyched.
Naomi Borno
Senior Account Executive, MSLGroup
All too often, African-American women don’t get the attention they deserve from big brands or media. Fortunately, I have been able to help solve the problem, working on campaign from Proctor & Gamble called “My Black Is Beautiful.” Using social media, the campaign givesAfrican-American women a platform from which to declare their beauty.
Shane Arman
Associate, Burson-Marsteller
Each year at the Super Bowl a massive contingent from the national sports media show up in a huge ballroom to talk sports with athletes and celebrities. My job in 2012, on behalf of client MetLife, was to accompany former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer and New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller around, wrangling media and message training on the spot.
Syvenna Siebert
Director, RF|Binder
When I started working in public relations 4-1/2 years ago, I didn’t know I’d be doing so much public service, and it wasn’t even something I was necessarily aiming for. Now I realize how lucky I am. Opportunities to do meaningful work are everywhere!
Naimul Huq
Senior Manager, WCG
So get this. One minute I’m a college student being handed a Red Bull by one of the company’s on-campus promotional teams (think attractive girls in tiny cars). The next thing I know, I’m twenty-six and the account lead for a massive multinational company with billions in revenue. And that company is Red Bull.
While earning a doctorate in violin performance, I loved what I was doing, but I found that I yearned for something different in a life-long career... I had the good fortune of taking a class on public relations and found that I loved it.
Media maven living and breathing healthy living & home brands at 360PR
Spending a day on an oil rig, attending Pride events for an LGBT campaign, and executing a Chinese New Year celebration – it’s all in a day’s work at Mitchell!
NYC PR exec works with agency's senior management and has front row seat to leading global beauty business.
Strategic communications consultant helping brands share stories and enhance customer relationships throughout the world. Passion for visual presentation and digital strategy, expertise in media relations, event coordination and creative writing.
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Kyle Sharick
Account Executive, DeVries Global
Absolute madman with an insatiable thirst for media placements. I'd date your sister if it meant an in-book story.
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Tyler Hoffman
Senior Account Executive,
Revive Health

Colorado native, now Nashvillian by way of CA. I’m a sucker for a great story. We all have one. I dare you let me find it and tell it.
Read more about Tyler via the link below:
Andrew Wells
Senior Account Executive,
Nyhus Communications

Andrew Wells specializes in public affairs communications, including campaign strategy and coalition management in fields such as biotechnology, global commerce and clean technology.
Read more about Andrew via the link below:
Megan Jones
Analytics Manager, Capstrat
For me, it’s all about the data. As an Analytics Manager, I rely on numbers and trends to provide clients with deep insight into their digital campaigns. Oh yeah – and I LOVE pizza.
Read more about Megan via the link below:
Margaret Pell
Corporate Marketing &
Practice Development Coordinator,
Revive Health

Nerd @ heart living in Music City. Believer that hard work, ambition, a little luck and a lot of caffeine will get you everywhere in life. OH-NYC-TN
Read more about Margaret via the link below:
Jessica Kahn
Account Executive, Dix & Eaton
Communications generalist and MBA student in the Midwest. Passion for great reads, trips to faraway lands and foodie finds.
Read more about Jessica via the link below:
Halle Smith
Account Manager,
Jackson Spalding

Integrated marketing communications professional with experience ranging from education to pest control. Lover of dogs, queso and music.
Read more about Halle via the link below:
Cavan Regan Reichman
Senior Social Engagement Manager &
Deputy Chair, Social Engagement Practice,
Carmichal Lynch Spong
I'm a storyteller at heart with an interest in how technology and changes in communication behaviors and media consumption all intersect.
Read more about Cavan via the link below:
Ashley Elder
Account Executive, The Vandiver Group
St. Louis native helping brands build and maintain their good name. After all, what is more valuable than that? Give me coffee or Diet Coke, and I’m good to go.
Read more about Ashley via the link below:
Andrew Nicolai
Director, Citizen Paine
Men's lifestyle, sports and automotive brand strategist. I'm a winner at life because I believe in my smellf. I also give great high fives.
Read more about Andrew via the link below:
Kristen Lisanti
Client Service Manager, Citizen Paine
I believe in living well & working smart. I attribute my success to curiosity + empathy. I thank my lucky stars every day for my super team.
Read more of Kristen's "PR Doing Good"
via the link below:
Ashley Harp
Account Lead, Jackson Spalding
A Southern, left-handed, chronically late creative writer, pseudo-photographer & Diet Coke-drinking PR pro. Adoring aunt. Shoe aficionado.
Read more of Ashley's "PR Doing Good" via the link below
Kate Pisano
Senior Communications Specialist,
Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

Community manager for @WaggenerEdstrom when not tweeting I'm cheering on my Ducks, reading, running or watching TV although not all at once.
Read more of Kate's "I Can't Believe I Get to do This"
via the link below
Jordan Drake
Senior Media Specialist, Ketchum
Media specialist for Ketchum by day, tech podcast and voice over producer by night. Born in CA, raised in NC, live in NJ, work in NYC. I'm an interested person.
Read more of Jordan's "I Can't Believe I Get to do This" via the link below:

Ashton Staniszewski

Photographer, Jackson Spalding
Six feet small. Equal parts photographer, computer nerd, and gear head. Shaken lightly into a semi-cool dude.
Read more of Ashton's "I Can't Believe I Get to do This"
via the link below
Raphael Sangiovanni
Digital and Social Media Strategist,
rbb Public Relations

Digital producer with many roles, including strategy, development, execution and analytics, who loves connecting people and brands.
Read more of Raf's "I Can't Believe I Get to do This"
via the link below
Claire Eckelkamp
Senior Account Executive,
The Vandiver Group

Midwest-grown PR pro with a passion for building relationships and finding the right way to communicate with the right audience.
Read more about Claire via the link below:
Eric Sveum
Counselor, Carmichal Lynch Spong
Consumer marketing communication professional driven to make breakthrough creative and strategic work.
Read more about Eric via the link below:
Alyson Sturm
Client Services Manager,
Citizen Paine
I’m a consumer publicist who loves a good event and celebrity campaign. An unapologetic pop culture junkie at heart - but it serves me well!
Read more about Alyson via the link below:
Nick Taylor
Innovation Technology Officer,
Lippe Taylor
Tech expert, cinephile, entrepreneurial, efficiency obsessed, punk rock fan who cries at most Pixar movies.
Read more about Nick via the link below:
Nicole Mayo
Group Manager, Weber Shandwick
I am a goal-oriented, driven individual; I set a goal and then order my steps to achieve it. This has served me well as a collegiate athlete and as I navigate my career.
Read more about Nicole via the link below:
Beth Crisafi
Client Service Manager,
Gibbs & Soell
A passionate communications strategist who is as vocal on the karaoke stage, as she is in the office.
Read more about Beth via the link below:
Chris Tamburino
Account Supervisor,
Coyne PR
Golden Retriever stuck in a human body. Thrive in shorts/hoody weather. Appreciate soccer, KC Chiefs, homebrews & dry humor. Communicator.
Read more about Chris via the link below:
Eric Waters
Senior Account Executive, Cooney/Waters Group
I’m a PR pro by day and a PR pro by night! I play ice hockey and enjoy the outdoors. Find me at my newly minted Twitter handle @EricH2Os.
Read more about Eric via the link below:
Julia Silver
Account Supervisor,
Adfero Group
Politically savvy strategic communications pro with a passion for writing, D.C., and the little details that go into telling a great story
Read more about Julia via the link below:
Laura Gonia
Account Director,
Weber Shandwick
Digital entertainment communications strategist, who’s obsessed with pop culture, college hoops and perennially planning her next big trip.
Read more about Laura via the link below:
Lauren Martiello
Creative Catalyst,
M Booth
A creative strategic thinker who has party hats in her meetings. Lover of mechanical pencils, pizza & Instagram filter, Amaro.
Read more about Lauren via the link below:
Stacey Gross
Account Suporvisor,
Me in a nutshell: Health & science PR pro who loves media relations, storytelling and the written word; dark chocoholic and proud redhead.
Read more about Stacey via the link below:
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