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My Saint project.

No description

pickle wally

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of My Saint project.

My Saints project.
By:Nicholas .W
Gr.7 The Saint I chose
for my project Is
St. Anthony
of Padua. was born in 1195
in Lisbon Portugal,
on the East side
of Spain. St. Anthony When St. Anthony was baptized,
his parents named him Ferdinand. Ferdinand grew up in a very wealthy family.
His parents always wanted him to grow
up to be a great nobleman.
( A man with great rank and power.) But all his life, Ferdinand wanted to
be a priest.

And one day at the age of 25,
his dream came true. Ferdinand decided to become a
follower of Christ.
He was sent down to Africa to preach to the
moors in morocco.
But later got very ill and had to come back home. He then preached to large groups around Italy
and France.
Every one believed in him. He wanted his priest name to be St. Francis, but since St. Francis was still alive, he took the name Anthony. St. Anthony later died in
Arcella near Padua, Italy,
on June 13, 1231
when he was just the age of 36. St. Anthony was canonized
(declared a saint)
on May 30th 1232,
just less than
one year after his death.
This is a statue of St. Anthony
holding a baby Jesus. Thank you for listening St. Anthony's feast day is
June 13th
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