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Sensory Details

No description

Alyssa Piazza

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Sensory Details

Sensory Details
What Are Sensory Details?
A sensory detail is a detail that uses one of your 5 senses.
We can use sensory details to make our writing sound better.

Show the reader, don't just tell them!
Choose an object that you can see from your seat in the classroom.

Using your sense of sight, describe it using as many details as you can.

Remember: Don't tell us what the object is.
What is your favorite scent? Use your sense of smell to describe it to your partner.
How can you describe these different foods using your sense of taste. be specific!
Describe these different objects using your sense of touch. How does it feel?
Think of a place in the school. Try to describe it to your neighbor using only your sense of sound (only things that you hear while you are there).
Example: My object is colorful with many hues of blues and greens. It looks like it came from a Moroccan market. It has many straight, tan lines with metal accents. What is it?
How could you use your sense of smell to describe the following pictures?
Example: I hear children talking too loudly. I hear clapping. First once, then twice, then three times. I hear the shuffling of children walking to throw away trash. I hear the far away beeping of a microwave. Where am I?
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