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ruby and ellie#

No description

Ms Connolly

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of ruby and ellie#

In Denmark,they have the advent wreath just like here.On the four sundays leading up to christmas they light a candle.
For their christmas tree they decorate it with small instruments and fruit,candies and cookies.They always put a gold star never a angel.For the finishing touch they sprinkle tinfoil on the tree because it looks nice when the light reflects on it.
The traditional Danish christmas food is roast pork,boiled potatoes,red cabbage and gravy.For dessert they usually have cold rice pudding with whipped cream and almonds and hot cherry sauce.
ST.johns eve
Great prayer day
1 may
Danes welcome the beginning of the Christmas season with a special celebration day only they know about. They celebrate J-Day (Beer Day) on the first Friday of November at 8:49pm sharp.
Eggs play an important role,they are painted in various colours and in southern Denmark they decorate them and roll them down a slope.Whoevers egg rolls the furthest and stayes intact wins all the eggs.
The typical Danish food on Easter is lamb.The tables are arranged in yellow and bright green with plenty of chocolate eggs as ornaments they can be eaten before ,during,or after the meal.
Chocolate eggs are hidden around the house and garden ,children get exited and search for the eggs while the adults can enjoy the meal.
The Danes often meet with family and friends to have dinner together. If the weather is good, they then go to a local bonfire venue. Here the bonfire with the witch on top is lit around 10 pm.

Great prayer day is a special festival falling on the fourth Friday after Easter Sunday. People usually eat hot wheat buns that look like this.
Store Bededag, also known as Great Prayer Day or General prayer day.
1 May is the international workers’ campaign and festival day and a holiday in many workplaces. In many cities, people gather in the early afternoon – sometimes after having walked together, for a mixture of popular festival, speeches and entertainment. The largest event takes place in the Copenhagen park 'Fælledparken' (Copenhagen Common). The day has gradually become more of a festival day than a campaign day
Danish Traditions
#santa who>>>
# Ellie!!!!!
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