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Nuclear effects

No description

Donghun Kim

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Nuclear effects

Prevent asteroid impact
Effects of Nuclear bomb explosion
Nuclear weapons are possessed by many countries
People will be scared
Keep peace around the world
Impacts of Nuclear weapon
Money wastes
Accelerate end of World War II
Health problem
Balance military power of states
Nuclear winter
10. Conclusion
Thank you for Listening !

Developed by nuclear energy
Most powerful and dangerous
Many people argue about nuclear weapon
Many asteroid poses threat to earth can blasted out
Only solution of prevent asteroid impact

heart of explosion temperature is over million degree
affected by radioactivity
lead to environmental problem
weapons emit radioactivity
Environment clean program

Japan: unconditional surrender
Stop World War II
inactivating radioactivity takes millions of year
body deformation
Black smokes would spread out
absorb sunlight
colder than ice age
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Prevent monopoly and hegemony
The end of World War II,the United States had the supreme authority,
because the US was the only country with nuclear weapons

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Should be banned
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