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Barrel of Monkeys

Communication 1210 group project! on observing the CU ambassadors

Stephanie Howe

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Barrel of Monkeys

The University Club Building Meetings 2 meetings are held on Mondays
-for entire club
-for officers 2 Types of Meetings...
Informal and Formal The ambassadors meeting are informal Their meetings are benefical because they
have the important characteristics.... -organization of information
-visual aids
-Sufficiant use of time Music Building Farrand Field
and the Dorms Entering the Group The text says that most of the tension when entering the group has to do with motivation They recruit a diverse group
of students excited about working with the program. Encountering Others From meeting and interviewing members...
everyone works well with one another and hit it off fairly quickly "... communication helps create bonds between group members socialize members into ways of group life and manage conflict" (page 34)
The Stadium! Engaging the Task Ambassadors are all about selling
the University to prospective students Giving tours Helping out with events like...
Accepted Students Day Training to give tours and to answer questions Norlin Quad Group Culture Group Climate "Climate refers to group member preceptions of the relative warmthor coldness that characterizes the interpersonal relationships among members" (91)
Pat: "After every meeting the director would stand up and congradulate the ambassadors for their hard work that week or anything else that stood out to her" Group Norms Group Culture "The current patterns of behavior or thinking that have come to be accepted in a group as the usual way of doing things" (page 92) Two Types... Implicit
"Rules never discussed or written down"

"rules that have been discussed or written down"
Example of an implicit norm becoming explicit
"The ambassadors used to have people not showing up to tours and not giving a crap, but the new director of admissions is cracking down on the lack of effort" (Pat) Group Culture Symbolic convergence "Shared meaning between group members usually through telling stories that include plots, actors, metaphors, allagories, and figures of speach" (page 96) Symbol Examples:
-CU insignia
-Black student ambassador shirt
-Spring and fall banquet Ritual examples:
-order pizza
-leader ends the meetings with compliments from other about hard work University Memorial Center Group Conflict
"The interaction of interdependant peoples, who precieve the oposition of goals, aims, and (/or)values, and who see the other party as potentialy interfering with the realization of these goals (aims, or values)" (page 107) Primary source: Affective conflict
" Any conflict based on emotion" Relationship drama outside of the ambassador group can cause conflict within the group itself Sometimes group members do not agree with decisions made by authoritative figures in group Examples: Leadership Verbal and Nonverbal rate of participation:
members that are more active in group discussions usually emerge as leaders "A communication process in which group members make sense of their enviornment and create a system of organization that helps them achieve their task" (page 202) The quality of contributions within the embassador meetings is important... -leaders fascilitate the communication
-They are not inhibitive
-Use procedural statements
"People who make procedural statements tend to emerge as leaders. One reason for that maybe that those people tend to be assertive, responsive, and versitile" (Bacon and Severson 1986) Duane Physics Lab Center Varsity Ponds examples:
do not cuss on tour, members always have oportunity to speak in meetings Examples:
-Do not say dorm say resident hall say "learning/living community"
-GPA requirement of 2.5 or higher
- at least give one tour a week
- Monday meetings are mandatory
- each member must speak in order of rank/position of authority within the meetings Koebel building Leadership leads to organization They have created a warm climate Barrel Of
Monkeys Observing
A Task Group The purpose of Bale's Interaction Process Analysis system is to identify and record the nature (not the context) of each separate act in ongoing interaction. There are 12 Interaction Analysis Categories:
Seems Friendly
Gives Suggestions
Gives Opinions
Gives Information
Asks for Info
Asks for Opinion
Asks for Suggestions
Shows Tension
Seems Unfriendly
Bale's Coding Overall Individual's input in Interaction 30% 14% 11% 22% 6% 15% Bale's Continued... Pat's % of Analysis Categories throughout his Personal Discourse Norms of Analysis Categories in Discourse Bale's Continued... Blue: Ambassadors
Red: Norms In Conclusion..... To Conclude... The Ambassadors are a very sucessful Task group that makes a huge difference for the students wanting to come to cu.... Margot Stephanie Andy Michael The CU Student Ambassadors Club Who are they? student volunteers who are excited about the University of Colorado at Boulder Have great passion for the university and are interested in sharing their experiences with others The Undergraduate Office of Admissions established the successful program in 1987 The have over 60 undergraduate student volunteers who assist the Office of Admissions with recruitment efforts. & Trivia Time..... One of the main things that the group members of the CU student ambassadors take part in is tours of the campus.... So we are going to take you on a campus tour as well throughout our presentation The Cottage Individual Characteristics "People have varying degrees of general abilities (inteligence, for example, and general communication skills) and the specific abilities that are relevant to particular group situations" (page 67-68) Pat is a strong member of the CU student ambassadors he has specific abilities and personality traits that allow him to be a great leader for the group as well as on tours personality traits that have a positive effect on the group Adjustment/ emotional stability
Assertiveness While giving tours Pat is a great speaker
very enthusiastic and it great at telling jokes to
help the audience stay interested when asking other group member about what they thought of Pat a lot of the same words came up... outgoing
kind All of these traits seem apparent in the majority of the CU student ambassador group which seems fair as they are all great leaders and need to be in order to accomplish their tasks... THE END N S E W Kittridge Coors Event Center Fiske Planetarium
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