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Bulgaria & UNWE

No description

Vladi Velkov

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Bulgaria & UNWE

Some interesting, curious
and little known facts
about Bulgaria
Bulgaria is the country with the oldest name in Europe and is the only one that hasn’t changed its name since it was founded !
Bulgaria is the first Slavic nations that adopted Christianity.
Bulgaria was once one of the 3 biggest empires in Europe among the Frankish, and the Byzantine (it spanned between the Mediterranean, the Black, and the White Seas).
Bulgaria has the oldest orthodox Slavic church in the world!
Bulgarians were the first to use the Cyrillic alphabet, after its inception in the 9th century!
Bulgaria has harbored and developed culture in 2 alphabets - the Cyrillic (9th century) and the Glagolitic (862), courtesy of Saints Cyril & Methodius (Cyrillic is the basis of most languages spoken in Eastern Europe today).
Bulgaria ranks third in Europe (after Italy and Greece) for the number of its valuable archaeological monuments!
The oldest (over 6000 years) Golden treasure in the world was found in Varna, Bulgaria!
Bulgaria and Denmark were the only European countries to save their Jews during the Holocaust!
Bulgaria’s “Izlel e Delio Haidutin” folk song was sent in deep space on the board of the US Space Probe -Voyager I as part of a collection of our Civilization's finest cultural artifacts - a message to an alien intelligence!
The only nations in the world that use the bagpipe as an instrument are Scotland, Ireland and Bulgaria.
The first wrestler in the world with 1500 wins and only 2 losses is the Bulgarian Dan Kolov!
The inventor of the first electronic computer John Atanassoff is of Bulgarian origins!
The world's first digital watch was invented by Peter Petrov (of Bulgaria)
Bulgarian rose-oil (Bulgaria produces half of the rose oil in the world), is a component of the world-famous perfumes!
Bulgaria is known as the homeland of the yogurt (Lactus Bulgaricus)!
Bulgarian army is the only force in the world, that has never lost a single flag, despite activily participaing in all major wars in Europe since the 19th century!
Bulgaria is second in the world in international IQ tests and SAT scores and fourth in the world in per capita university education after the U.S., Japan and the UK!
Facts about

in Bulgaria
We have 0 SWAG factor
We don’t have this for youth idols
We don’t dream
about world peace,

but we do dream
Bulgarians are over achievers
We think we can do better so every one want to be here
What makes us who we are
1. Family
2. Respect
3. Friends
4. Career
5. ???
The top 5 important things
University of National
and World Economy

One of the the largest (~20000 students) and oldest institutions of higher education in the areas of economics and management in Bulgaria and also in South Eastern Europe
History of almost 90 years
Most of the country’s business and political elite graduated UNWE
General Economics
Management and Administration
Finances and Accountancy
Economics of Infrastructure
International Economics and Politics
Applied Informatics and Statistics

UNWE’s structure includes
the following 8 faculties:

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