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"Hungry? No Power? No Problem!" Cooking Contest

No description

Debbi Harris

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of "Hungry? No Power? No Problem!" Cooking Contest

Bryant Shoreline Presents:
What is it?

should i?

So, Are
you in?

No Power?...................................
No Problem!..................................
"Hungry? No Power? No Problem!"
Cooking Contest
Have you ever been in a power
outage that lasts for days? Whether it be hurricanes, storms, or you're just living like a caveman. Most likely in these situations, you're just HUNGRY, because you can't use microwaves, fridges, or ovens and it feels like the end of the world. Well, we're here to help!
Our goal is to help you gain skills that will be useful in these kinds of situations like hurricanes, power outages, or zombie apocalypses.
We offer you a whole day of
learning about disaster preparedness,
teaching you valuable skills dealing
with situations without power, and
best of all, competing in the "Hungry? No Power?
No Problem!" Cooking Contest and your team
could have a chance to win some cha-ching!
Before April 25th, participants will meet in Ms. Summey's room during 3rd block (date TBA) to go over contest details and other useful information. We will provide 20-50 recipes to choose from and you will report to us prior to the contest. You are not limited to the recipes we provide, so feel free to submit your own recipe for approval.
The whole day will consist of a guest speaker who will inform you about disaster preparedness and safety as well as how to stock up during vulnerable situations! We promise you that this information will be useful for you in the future! By the way, we will provide breakfast (free food.) Also we will review over the contest rules and regulations as well as show you the tutorial of cooking without power in preparation for the actual contest!
april 25th!
Contest Criteria:
12 teams will be competing.
The food will be judged based on:
Overall Impression
There will be 4 awards given to the
teams with the top scoring dishes.
1st place: $200
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $100
4th place: $50
Why wouldn't you? You get to win the top prize of $200! Plus all participants get a free T-shirt! Who would say no to free-stuff?
This contest should be enjoyed by everyone! So no knife-throwing or hitting each other with chopsticks! This contest will be a safe, fun environment!
You get to come up with your own team name! Show others who is the best team!
You get to get out of class for the WHOLE day
and spend it with us and your team!
Not only will you get to win some money, but you will also benefit so much from this opportunity! By partaking in this event, you will gain valuable skills that will be useful in disaster related situations and you will be able to make the most out of it by taking charge of a situation. You can even show off your skills that you learned to your family & friends!
Turn in your team application
to Ms. Summey in room B14!
It's first come, first serve!
Deadline to turn in:
April 9th, 2014
Contest Requirements:
Come up with your team name! How easy is that?
Must have a team captain and 2-3 members (3rd member is optional)
Turn in your application by
April 9th
(it's first come, first serve!)
Only Juniors and Seniors may apply!
Have a positive attitude and just have fun!
Like us on Facebook!
Follow us on Twitter!
Cooking to Empower the Powerless
Yes it's real money, not monopoly money!
Cooking to Empower the Powerless

Have you applied? ................................
Turn in your team application
to Ms. Summey in room B14!
It's first come, first serve!
Deadline to turn in:
April 9th, 2014
By Julia Pham
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