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Black Codes (Presentation)

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Callie Rogers

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Black Codes (Presentation)

by Callie Rogers Black Codes End of the Civil War When the Civil War ended, many things happened.

The 13th Amendment was passed.
Southern states had to get rid of Slave codes.
Reconstruction in the South.

Because of these changes, there was no way to regulate African Americans in the Southern US. Need For Control People in the South felt as if they needed to control
the blacks and continue to regulate them, even though both slavery and the Civil War were over.

They created Black Codes. Black Codes are described as laws passed to regulate the activities of blacks in the Southern USA after the Civil War. Black Codes in Effect Ending the Codes Black Codes were ended when the 14th Amendment was passed.

Federal officials as well as Southern military leaders outlawed them.

Southern whites were unhappy with the decision, but the blacks were now satisfied that
the regulating laws were gone. QUESTIONS TO ASK... Sequence of Events Date: 1865 Date: 1866 Date: 1866-1868 ...and many more. All of the states in the South had their own Black Codes. A violation of these codes would result in punishment. Date: 1868 What About Now? Date: Present Black Codes no longer exist in the United States.

There aren't any laws regulating African Americans!

Although the Black Codes definitely don't affect anyone anymore, some people may still feel offended that they even happened in the first place. What are Black Codes?
When did they take place?
Why did Black Codes happen?
Who started them? Enforced them?
Where were they used?
Was it accepted? Or was it controversial?
How long did it last?
Does it still affect people? What? What are Black Codes? Black Codes are laws regulating the activities of blacks in the Southern USA after the Civil War.

They include laws of segregation, requirement, regulation, control, and punishment.

Any black not following the Black Codes was punished severely.

Each state had its own versions of Black Codes. They are basically modified Slave Codes. When? When did they take place? Black Codes took place between the years of 1865 and 1868.

They started in 1865 when the Civil War ended.

Black Codes were created after slavery was abolished and Slave Codes had to be given up. Why? Why did Black Codes happen? Black Codes happened because people in the South still felt the need to control and regulate African Americans, even after they had been freed from slavery. Who? Who started them? Enforced them? Government leaders in the Southern United States.

Free whites who disliked blacks.

Former slaveholders.

People living in the South in general. Where? Where were they used? In the Southern states.

States like Louisiana, South Carolina, and Mississippi used and enforced Black Codes. Was? Was it accepted? Or controversial? Most Southerners, especially white ones, highly accepted and appreciated Black Codes.

Blacks hated the laws because they felt restrained and thought it was extremely unfair and cruel. How? How long did it last? Black Codes existed until the year 1868 when they were outlawed.

They lasted until the passing of the 14th Amendment. Does? Does it still affect people? Not directly. Black Codes were outlawed a long time ago.

However, some people are still racist towards African Americans.

Some people may still feel offended that the Black Codes took place. What did you learn? Bibliography "Black Codes." nmc.edu. Tom Gordon and Northwestern Michigan College, 2010. Web. 04 Apr. 2013. <https://www.nmc.edu/tgordon/storyofus/hst112/1_reconstruction/blackcodes.html>

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"Black Codes." World Book. Vol. 2B 2002, 2002. Black Codes were enforced throughout the Southern United States. Some of them included...

Segregation of public spaces.
Couldn't learn to read or write.
Cannot marry whites.
No public gathering.
Cannot keep/rent a house.
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