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BTEC - Music Folk Rock

This is my assessment

Bethany May Ellis

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of BTEC - Music Folk Rock

WHAT IS Folk Rock? Folk Rock-BTEC Music: MUSIC IS AN EXPRESSION AND REFLECTION OF THE WORLDS' TIMES History Influence Mumford and Sons ? breakups
</3 or
i <3 you but you
never notice me :( PARTY e.g. Taylor Swift pining over
someone i need to get over him/her i'm better without you e.g. Kelly Clarkson DANCE, DRINK, DIE e.g. LMFAO Neil Young Ryan Adams Comus The Youngbloods The Turtles Hedgehog pie Johnny Flynn/Dead man Love The Byrds This is the end of my presentation thank you for watching hope you chose wisely By Bethany Ellis :) Categories Mumford and Sons-The cave The song was released in the period of the Vietnam War and the Six-Day War. It commented on violence fueled world at the time and suggested that peace and love were better, easier alternatives. The iconic lyrics:

Simply says that the world should be in peace instead of war because nothing good comes out of it.

The meaning of this lyric is that mankind can do a lot of things but sometimes we're better off not to do it just because we can. All You Need Is Love- The Beatles (1967) All you need is love There's nothing you can do that can't be done Electric folk
Medievil folk rock
British progressive folk rock
Post war folk
civil rights-used to make a point
Matrix folk
Radio folk rock Like the history of all musical genres the exact starting point of folk rock is unclear, but most people point to early 1960's in America. Rock music in America at this time was on the decline of R&B music was taking its place.

On the college campuses, folk revivalists were popping up. These groups were usually vocal harmony groups that performed traditional folk rock songs.

The term folk rock was coined in June 1965 to describe the debut release by The byrds. Mr Tambourine man is sometimes credited as the first folk rock song released. Civil rights, folk, and gospel Folk rock played a major part in providing soundtrack to the civil rights movement as it developed from mid 1950's through to mid 1960's. This movement fought for equal rights for african americans and staged marches and protests throughout the south. Folk rock has been political since the 1930's, but in the 1960's protesters and marchers sang a combination of folk rock music and southern gospel spirituals to boost their spirits and help form a bond with one another.

A good example of this is Pete Seeger's "we shall Overcome". Folk rock soon played a role in the anti-war movement against united states involvement in the Vietnam war. The first popular folk rock singer to discuss the conflict in Vietnam was Phil Collins. British folk rock singers weren't just influenced by Dylan and American folk rock musicians. Bands like Fairport convention also drew their style from traditional English and Scottish folk folk music. "The Cave" is the third single by London folk quartet Mumford & Sons, released from their debut album Sigh No More. It was released in the UK on 26 February 2010. It placed 81 in Triple J Hottest 100, 2009 before the single had been released.

It was the second single in the US after "Little Lion Man", and has sold 1,533,000 digital copies there by September 2012. On November 30th 2011, the song received 4 nominations in 54th Grammy Awards including Song of the Year and Record of the Year. This was on plato's allergy of the cave. Plato - The cave Plato was a Greek philosopher and mathematician who left his mark in history. His classical philosophies on human nature reveal the basic truth as well as the flaws in the psychological evolution of mankind. Plato's allegory of the cave is a hypothetical scenario depicted by an enlightening conversation between Socrates and Plato's brother, Glaucon.

The conversation basically deals with the ignorance of humanity trapped within the precincts of conventional ethics. Indicated by the term Homosapiens, they refer to the not-so sapient humans, but to the more civilized and cultivated form of animals.

For spiritual evolution, an in-depth understanding of mother nature and the truth behind the things which cannot be seen, is also very important. This links to Mumford and Sons as they based their song on this.

Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/platos-allegory-of-the-cave-meaning-and-interpretation.html In simple terms, "folk rock" is music that is created and played by people within communities, and passed down through the generations. Every country and ethnic group in the world has it's own popular form of folk rock music. In its early years, folk rock music developed as a regional form of music.

Many of the first folk songs were ballads are songs that tell stories of remarkable people, places, and events that have become legends.

A good example of the ballad is the early American folk legend of John Henry. The ballad form is derived from folk rock music brought to the U.s by the English, Irish, and Scottish immigrants. Black musicians borrowed the form from their rural neighbors. The adaptation of the other musical cultures is common in folk rock music. More importantly, thousands of old folk rock songs like "John Henry" survive as part of an oral tradition. Each new person takes up the form and adds their own specific details to make it their own. folk rock music is a crucial part of oral tradition. In U.S, the term "Folk rock music" can also mean other forms of American music-blues, as well as some rock, jazz, and R&B, that is many hundreds of years old.

These songs found their way from the rural populations of farmers and laborers in places like Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta. This music had taken root years before recording technology became widely available in the 1920's.
Folk rock/blues was the form of blues played by rural blacks in the early 1900's. The music that is now referred to as country was first documented in 1917.

In the first half of the 1900's, folk music continued to developed as a voice of protest and storytelling, largely by rural white musicians and singers. In the 1960's, it merged with rock and roll and envolved quickly into a multi-faceted genre. The adoption of concerts is not the only change to have affected the reception of music over the last hundred years or so. There are several other factors, including social changes and technological innovations, which have changed the ways in which music is experienced.

Two major categories are the developments of recording and broadcasting technologies – which we might consider together as different forms of the mediation of music. This is a relevant part of the study of reception, since recording and broadcasting introduced new ways in which music could be received.

Although the first recording devices were western inventions, it may surprise you to learn how early the technology reached other parts of the world – Asia and South America in particular. The first recording machine was widely available in Europe and North America from the 1890s; commercial production of gramophone discs began around 1900; and the first commercial recordings of Asian music were made, by the Gramophone Company's recordist Fred Gaisberg, as early as 1902. SOURCES http:/oldies.about.about.com/od/60srockers/g/folkrock.htm



Folk rock by Author
http://www.buzzle.com/articles/platos-allegory-of-the-cave-meaning-and-interpretation.html Well done you have completed the Quiz Congratulations Question 9!! In the U.S the term folk rock can mean what?

Blues, country, rock, jazz, and R&B. Question 8!! Which song set off folk rock?

Mr Tambourine Man Question 7!! Who influenced the Beatles?

Bob Dylan Question 5!! What did folk rock help people in the sixties do?

It helped with civil rights – equal rights for the African Americans. Question 4!! Who did the band Mumford and sons base the cave allergy on?

Plato Question 3!! What band sang “all you need is love”?

The Beatles Question 2!! Name 3 different artists I mentioned

The Byrd's
Mumford and sons
Ryan Adams Question 1!! What is folk rock?

It is music that was passed down generations every country has a popular form of it. Folk Rock
Quiz time!!!!! Question 10!! What did they introduce into folk rock?

Yodeling Question 6!! What categories are there? Name 2

Folk Rock punk
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