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Farm Truck Food Initiative

No description

Meredith Neel

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Farm Truck Food Initiative

Food Truck Initiative Our business will bring fresh produce to the people, rather than making the people come to the farmers. Problem Solution Statement of Purpose Process What is Included: Revenue Model Impact Model Collaborators Competitors Special Considerations Budget & Timeline Team Member Roles Planning Schedule Established farmer's markets, local and national grocery stores and supermarkets. Farmers, local school districts, community centers, local colleges and universities & local health departments. Start up operational costs equal $200,000 Scott Henzler: Client Competition Lead
Michelle Lagree: Client Customer Lead
Lea Steadman: Client External Lead
Vicki Rostis: Client's Partner/Supplier Lead
Meredith Neel: Team Lead/Client Liason Target Time: 1 year to become fully operational. Truck Advertising Example Farmers that are not subsidized by the government have a difficult time selling their products/reaching customers Buying refrigerated truck
Gas Farmers & Greater Pittsburgh Area Residents
Generating higher profits
Education for all residents
Higher quality foods Gather farmers from Greater
Pittsburgh Region to form a Co-Op
Invest in a food truck with refrigeration
Create internship rotation for Pittsburgh Dietetic interns
Create Marketing Plan/Website
Schedule Appearances To enable unsubsidized farmers to sell their produce to the Greater Pittsburgh Area to generate higher profit margins. 7 Months Research/Development &
Formation of Co-Op
8 -12 Months Buy Truck & Market Gas Prices
Days/Locations of Farmers Markets
Daily Parking
Community Events
Produce that is IN Season Client Farmers
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