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Chemistry in the Rain Forest

Living in the Rain Forest may be tough but if we work with the environment around us then we can be successful in a eco-friendly way.

Andrew Caume

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Chemistry in the Rain Forest

Chemistry in the Rain forest by Andrew caume Introduction The rain forest is one of the most fragile and unique
landforms on earth. It is home to many organisms
and different lifecycles that support all the compenents in
the rainforest.

If we lived there, many things would have to change in our
normal lifestyles. Water would have to be sourced from
only precipition and energy - for the most part - would
be collected by sunlight through solar panels. Many products
would have to be swapped for eco friendly ones and our
house area would have to be redesigned to with stand the
environment and weather of the rain forest.

Eco-friendly Products There are many products we can use to keep the
rain forest pollution free. For example, instead of
regular soaps and detergents, we could use eco
friendly products like these to keep harmful chemicals
out of the environment. These in particular would
replace many cleaning products if we were to live in
the rainforest.

Many new "green" inventions are coming out
now-a-days like the Solar Ball Light. This eco friendly
design collects energy from the sun during the day
and when night hits, the light will turn on using a
light-detecting sensor.
Another unique invention is the Petal Drop. It attachs
to your average plastic water bottle and catches the
rain, almost like a funnel.
Green House Having a house in the rain forest would be tough but
using the right materials and operating the right
machines can make it possible.
The outside of the structure would be coated in a
eco friendly plastic that doesn't put chemicals into
the soil but at the same time, doesn't break down.
The roof top would be a large solar panel that
constantly collects energy from the sun.
A large funnel is attached to our house design that
collects rain water. There is enough to supply our
basic needs, such as our drinking water, tap water, etc.

Sources/ References What we need in the Rain Forest The rain forest has many beneficial components for life.
If we were to ever live there, we would have to push
ourselves into the rain forest's already going lifecycles. For
example, plants take in carbon dioxide and converts it into
oxygen. Plants also provide us with fruits and vegetibles.
Another example would be that because of the large
amounts of water in the rain forest, soil takes it in and
fuels planets and many organisms living in the rain forest
and/ or within the soil.
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