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Medical Tourism Relationship Marketing: Leveraging The Need to Belong

Relationship Marketing Lecture: Panama

The Goodness Company

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Medical Tourism Relationship Marketing: Leveraging The Need to Belong

Healthcare Relationship Marketing:
Leveraging The Need to Belong

Patrick Goodness, CEO
The Goodness Company: Medical Tourism Marketing

Medical Tourism

Hospitals/Medical Clinics/
Cosmetic Surgery Centers/
Private Practices/Dental Centers

All Share One Common Goal
To Increase Sales & Profits
through Medical Tourism
Shared Goal:
Current Marketing Strategies
for Most
Medical Tourism Hospitals/Clinics/Clusters
Where the
Medical Tourism Industry
is Marketing:
Industry Influentials
(Majority of Spending)
End User Consumer
(Almost Nothing!)
This Strategy Emphasizes
Reaching a Small Market of
Critical Buyers & Insurers
The Consumer!
in Medical Tourism,
You Must Market to the
Patients/Consumers are playing
a more active role
in personal health management.
Market #1:
More than 45 Million
Uninsured Americans!
45 Million Americans
NEED Affordable Healthcare!
They are
for Medical Tourism.
Market #2:
Cosmetic Dentistry/Plastic Surgery/
Bariatric Treatments/Fertility Treatments
are the Most Popular
Medical Tourism Procedures
High Proven Success Rate.
Minimally Invasive.
Minimal Risk.
Easy Travel.
Dental/Plastic Surgery/
Bariatric/Fertility Treatments
Are Not Covered By Insurance!!
The Importance of
Brand Leveraging/
Brand Extensions

Using the strength of your brand to
generate credibility and trust for
new products and services.
Hospital System X has a strong medical tourism program offering basic plastic surgery. With success comes credibility. By leveraging the success in basic plastic surgery, Hospital X can promote advanced plastic surgery.

With success, Hospital X can offer knee surgery, hip surgery, kidney surgery and even heart surgery with greater levels of customer confidence and improved sales success.
Bottom Line:
The Need for Profit
Drives All Business Decisions.
Better Relationships =
Increased Profits
What is the
Strongest Human
Emotional Need?
The Need to Belong
Physiological Needs
Safety & Security
Need to Belong
is a feeling
we have when those around us
share our values and beliefs.
When we

we Feel Connected & Safe
Relationship Marketing
is about Making People
Feel Like They Belong
What is Brand Leveraging/
Brand Extension?
How Do We Achieve

Relationship Marketing?

People Do Business
with People
They Like.
Your Job?
Get Prospective
Customers to Like You!
A Website is Your
Core Introduction
Marketing Tool.
What Makes You Different!
What Makes You Better?
Be Clear.
Simple, Easy-to-Use Website
with Proper English Grammar
& Spelling
Welcome People with Warmth,
Sincerity & Humor (if possible)
Include Photos of Smiling Doctors,
Staff, Facilitators, Customer Service
Have Valuable Content
(Patient Experience, Procedures, Pricing etc)
Failure to Connect
with Your Website is a
Failure to Connect
Review your website.
It is concerned only with sales?
Or does it build relationships?
Social Media
Fulfills The Need
To Connect & Belong
Build a Strong Social Media Base.
Communicate Frequently.
Respond Quickly.
Customer Interactions via Social Media
Provide an Opportunity to Demonstrate
Interest in a Relationship.
How Customers Perceive Your Brand
on Social Media
will Decide
They Do Business with You!
Video Marketing:
Make it Personal
Video Allows People to
See Into Your World.
Make Them Feel Welcome!
The Importance of
Video Marketing
The Power of
Public Relations
Public Relations…
is Story Telling.
Share Stories that Touch
People’s Hearts and
Make Them Believers in
Pursuing a Relationship With You.
Connect with Customers in a Personal…
Yet Professional Way.
Your Goal?
Communicate Your USP and
Paint a Picture of
Your Customer Experience.
What’s Your
Patrick Goodness, CEO
The Goodness Company:
Healthcare & Medical Tourism Marketing
To Succeed in Medical Tourism…
You Must Deliver
a Relationship Experience.
Relationship Marketing at a Glance:
Relationship marketing is about
more than SELLING.
Relationship marketing is about creating a WEB of people that we trust and that trust us.
When you show that you
about your patient’s health and happiness, they will give you their business.
There are three important words in
Relationship Marketing.

People will only do business with people they
know, like, and trust.
People will never do business
with you if they do not
KNOW you, LIKE you or TRUST you.
That is the essence of
“relationship marketing.”
How do we build our
Know, Like and Trust Factor?
of all potential customers will learn about you online.
For your customers to KNOW you…
you must exist online.
If you want American and Canadian customers to
you must exist in ENGLISH online.
Let’s assume potential patients can FIND you.
How do we get them to
Would you trust a complete stranger to care for your health?

Would you purchase health services for you or your loved ones from an unknown website?

Would you let a doctor perform surgery on you if you have never heard of or seen this doctor before?
Of Course Not!
Thanks to internet technology, we can learn about
the person or company
behind our purchases.
Ask yourself…
when people come to my website…

Are They Able to
My Company?
When you help customers
you, you give them the POWER to say YES!
Think about the way you want your customers to
you and PERCEIVE you.
This is Your BRAND.
When your customers
your brand, you have accomplished the first step of relationship marketing.
If your customers never
they will never LIKE or TRUST Your BRAND.
The Difficult Truth:
COLOMBIA is losing customers because it has not built a Global Medical Tourism Brand among American and Canadian Customers.
Trade shows and medical tourism events are a good start…
But trade shows represent or significantly impact less than 1/1000% of the total potential market.
Few international hospitals, clinics and other international medical providers have established brands within the North American market.
Many hospitals, medical clinics and dental clinics have websites that are written in poor English. This creates a lack of confidence…and a lack of
Consumer Branding
is the first step to
Relationship Marketing.
How to get your Patients to
Give your patients a reason to say

and get them talking to their friends.
It’s easy to make “1” sale.
The key to success is making multiple sales over the patient’s lifetime.

This requires
Example: Free Wi-Fi in Starbucks was a suggestion from customers.

Today, Starbucks is always packed with customers who know they can conduct business AND get great coffee.
On the other hand, Borders did not LISTEN.
The company did not make necessary changes.
Borders has disappeared.
Stand Out:
Be Different
Be Better
Online Relationship Marketing Strategies
= Video
= Information Marketing
= Blogging
= Relationship Marketing
= Article Marketing
= Networking
= Telephone Calls
V is for Video

Video allows patients to get to know you. Excellent tool for building trust.
I is for Information Marketing

Share content. Help people learn…
and learn about you.
B is for Blogging

Your blog is where patients will go to learn about you and connect with you.
Good blogs build community and credibility.
Demonstrate your expertise…build trust.
R is for Relationship & Rave Reviews

Sell them on the benefits of YOU.
Relationship marketing produces fans that will rave about you and refer other patients to you.
A is for Article Marketing

Articles help people Perceive you as an AUTHORITY.
Posting your articles on an article directory, where blog owners and newsletter publishers can publish your articles to their readers.
N is for Networking

Social networking will grow your network & brand recognition.
Set time every week to connect with people via social media.
T is for Telephone Calls

Telephone calls are a great way to reach out to prospective patients on a personal level.
People can hear your voice and feel your enthusiasm.
Telephone calls are a great way to show the human side
of your practice.

IMPORTANT: Purchase a toll-free line for your business.
Honesty is essential for TRUST.
Always put honesty above the sale. Patients will value you…
and TRUST you
When you earn their

you will earn their BUSINESS.
When you are interested in Relationships…
Honesty is Crucial.
Website Relationship Marketing
Make them feel special and important.
This is more important than the results of a procedure!
Your website is a critical marketing tool:
Honest Patient Experience
Put yourself in your patient's shoes
Assess and
honestly communicate
the Patient Experience.
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