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Breed Specific Legislation is a soft subject. We just state the facts.

Hannah Leisure

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of #endBSL


*The Fila Brasileiro, resembling a Bloodhound, is banned in New York City.
The Logic to BSL: There really is none.
#endBSL #onebyone
Currently, the list of breeds banned by specific states in the US due to Breed Specific Legislation consists of 75 breeds. Astonished? We are, too, and we'll put up a fight to end it.
Accused of being murderers.
EVERY dog is the SAME. They all have a beating heart and they all have a loyal soul. Far from murderous.
Breed Specific Legislation has forced many dog owners to leave behind a family member and a best friend. Don't punish the dog, punish the influence causing the actions.
5. Chow Chow

4. Akita

*This gorgeous breed is banned in Ulyssas, Kansas.

*Staffordshire Terriers are banned in areas of Mississippi, due to their "aggressive" and "vicious" nature.

*These innocent and commonly known creatures are banned in many states and several other communities/living associations.

*Even with the appearance of a teddy bear, these canines are banned in areas of South Carolina, Rhode Island, and Tennessee.
Photos by Google Images
Dog Attacks: The Statistics
ONLY 2% of Americans are attacked by a dog, EACH YEAR. About 0.0002% of which result in death. There are records of dog attacks dating back to 1887. Most of them involve young children. (Children should be well educated about safety around a dog.) Some cases are caused by a rabid dog. (Take note that there are available vaccinations to prevent rabies.) Some cases even claim that the attack was out of JEALOUSY of the attention the victim was giving another dog or human. None of the causes we've listed have anything to do with a specified breed.
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