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Dan Dare Is Dead

No description

Andy Jackson

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Dan Dare Is Dead

dAN DARE IS DEAD I blasted off from my only world,
its craters deep as pockmarks,
a dim crust sprinkled with unfurled
star patterns plucked from dark
and strewn across the counterpane. space lanes thick
with rickety rocket ships all manned
by fearless pilots from the war,
dapper in their silken monogrammed
pyjamas, square of purpose and of jaw. All grammar-schooled young chaps
knew Englishmen would have their say
at last, but modern pens drew newer maps
which hinted that we might have lost our way
in traffic. The dead weight of an empire gone,
we saw our decent selves in stranger skies
beyond the spinning of a British sun. For every fall there ought to be a rise,
opposite and equal, a better sort
of empire, an English-speaking universe. I lay itching, safe in candlewick,
dreaming of my footprints on the plains of Venus Despite the yanks and reds,
we rather thought a Cambridge man might get there first.
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