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Ice Cream!

No description

Sydney Nguyen

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Ice Cream!

Ice Cream
by: Sydney Nguyen

Question Answers
Originated in the T'ang dynasty, in China, and was considered a luxury.(4)
American colonists from Europe brought in recipes in the 1740's.(4)
Ice cream invented in Italy in the 1700's is still eaten today.(4)
Where did ice cream originate and how has it evolved over time?
How has ice cream manufacturing changed, and what are the patterns in sales?
What is the significance and benefits of ice cream to people?

Continued answers to question
Marco Polo introduced ice cream to Italy from China.(4)
Evolved into a recipe for ice cream sometime in the 16th century.(4)
called "cream ice" in England.
also dates back to the Roman Empire
fruit juices
these ingredients were combined to create a modern snow cone. (3)
in the 1800's ice cream was considered a rare and exotic desert enjoyed mostly by the elite.(3)

in the 1800's insulated ice houses were invented(9)
hand cranked churn replaced the pot freezer method shortly after.(9)
confectioners- a person who makes, or sells sweets.
caterers- a person who organizes food, and drinks.
fat metabolism-a metabolic process that breaks down ingested fat into fatty acids and glycerol, and into simpler compounds that can be used by the human body.
french confectioners refined the pot freezer method.(9)
Continued Answers to
Vanilla is the most popular ice cream, and the most sold, in America.(7)
In the sales there are numerous of popular flavors.(9)
now the modern refrigerator is used.(9)
premium ice cream is the most popular with consumers.(5)
this graph shows, the sales of the different ice cream flavors in north America.
Question Answers
Ice cream is very significant to the world.(3)
people from all over the Globe enjoy it as a dessert or treat.(3)
Ice cream provides nutrients for the human body.(2)
Question 1
What is the origin of Ice cream, and how has it evolved overtime?
Question 2
How has ice cream manufacturing changed and what are the patterns in sales?
Question 3
What is the significance, and benefits of ice cream to People?
Ice cream contains those nutrients that are needed for fat metabolism.(2)
PResident ronald reagan announced that JUly 15 in 1984 was national ice cream day.(8)
contains phosphorus and B vitamins, one of the only things that make it good for you(2)
This map shows were ice cream became popular, a big hit, in italy, and spread to europe.
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