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where i end and you begin


Mark Denton

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of where i end and you begin

Ontology of the photographic image Dissolution of photographic indexicality The individual within a relationship loss of a clearly defined, unified 'self' The 'Impossibility of portraiture': a disruption of indexicality,
an emphasis on SURFACE
erosion of detail, focus & indexicality
Q: What is left? Does this tell us anything more, or less, about the individual? "you want to understand what you see, what is there, and you try to make a picture out of it. Later you realise that you can’t represent reality at all-that what you make represents nothing but itself, and therefore is itself " Gerhard Richter
Stallabrass - 'Push/pull' effect Portrait as document Portrait as a conceptual construct what do we see?
what's its status and value? Q: is there any core 'self' to which a specific face may be attached?
of representation Phot'y as an Embalmer, a
momento-mori (eg Barthes)... ...or... ...Phot'y representing the partial erosion of self in a relationship... I’m interested in representing the erosion of a unified & singular self within a relationship via the dissolution & corruption of photographic indexicality
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