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Of Mice and Men Circular Structure

by John Steinbeck

hannah mohr

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men Circular Structure

Circular Structure Of Mice and Men Chapter 1:
Setting: River
Summary: George & Lennie left weed because Lennie touched a lady’s dress George and Lennie Talk about the farm, the rabbits and the river. George Tells Lennie if there’s trouble, to meet him at the River.
Mood: Peaceful Chapter 1
Setting: the bunkhouse.
Summary: Lennie and George arrive at the ranch and meet the boss, Curley, Curley's wife, and the other workers. George and Lennie suspect trouble. Slim gives Lennie a puppy. Chapter 2 Setting is the bunkhouse

Summary: Candy's old sheepdog is shot. Candy is brought in on George and Lennie's plan to buy a farm and tend rabbits. They start to believe they can actually pull it off. Curley comes in looking for trouble. He gets it. Curley starts a fight with Lennie and Lennie crushes Curley's hand Chapter 3 Setting: Crook's room next to the barn

Summary: All the workers except Lennie, Crooks, and Candy go out for a night on the town. Lennie enters Crook's room uninvited. Candy enters soon after and they talk about the farm they're going to buy. Crooks offers to work for free if he can come. Curley's wife shows up and threatens everybody. Crooks, defeated, changes his mind about the farm. Chapter 4 Setting: the barn

Summary: The chapter begins with Lennie next to his dead puppy that he killed. Curley's wife enters and invites Lennie to feel her hair. He pulls it. She panics and screams. Lennie gets scared and breaks her neck. The workers get a posse together to kill Lennie. Chapter 5 Setting: the river

George breaks from the posse and meets Lennie. They talk about rabbits and farms. George shoots Lennie in the back of the head. Chapter 6 The story begins at the the river with Lennie and George running from a posse and ends at the river with Lennie and George running from a posse.

This represents the friends' futility in trying to move ahead in life In chapter 2 Lennie gets a puppy.

In chapter 2 George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley's wife. In chapter 5 Lennie kills Curley's wife.

In chapter 5 Lennie kills his puppy Chapter 3 begins with the hope of a bright future and ends with Curley ruining the mood.
Chapter 4 begins with the hope of a bright future and ends with Curley's wife ruining the mood. Grammar Warm Up #16
Chapter 5 & 6 Quiz
Discuss Circular Plot
Introduce Socratic Seminar
Work on Preparation.

*All finished? Work on Test Review, Test will be 3/27-28 Agenda 1 2 3 4 5 6 16
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