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Ockerman Elementary School Volunteer Training

No description

kimble best

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of Ockerman Elementary School Volunteer Training

Volunteering Requirements
Current background check on file
$10 fee if Ockerman Processes -
$20 if you submit it yourself to the state - paper copy
Form are available in the office or on the OES website
Background Check Information
Background checks are good for 2 school years
You must have a social security number to process electronically
If you do not have a social security number then you must submit the paper form which is a $20 fee
Volunteer Training
Volunteers must complete the training each year.
If changes are made to policies and procedures during the school year, members will be notified of the need to update their training.
Training must be completed before you will be permitted to begin volunteering.
PTO Contact / Information
There are many ways to find out what is happening at Ockerman Elementary School

Facebook - www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ockerman-Elementary/
Ockerman Elementary Website www.ockerman.boone.kyschools.us
Ockerman Elementary School PTO Website www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/OESPTO/
Sign up with PTO as a volunteer and receive email updates e-mail: volunteer4ockerman@yahoo.com
Twitter @oesrockets

2017-2018 Ockerman Elementary School Volunteer Training
What kinds of things does a volunteer do?

assist teachers in the classroom
chaperone field trips
volunteer at school events ]
serve as committee members
serve as chairpersons

What should I wear?

The school dress code also applies to volunteers :
Skirts and shorts should be of an appropriate length.
Clothing should not be too tight or too revealing.
Clothing with graphics or wording that is crass, graphic, profane or advertises illegal products is not permitted to be worn.

Behavior Guidelines
Appropriate behavior is expected at all times and should be in the best interest of ALL children.
Be respectful to staff, students and community members
There is no smoking on school premises
Cell phones or classroom phones are not to be used while volunteering
Siblings may not attend volunteer activities

What is NOT okay...
Asking students personal questions
Sharing private information that you might overhear while you are volunteering
Going to areas of the building that you are not volunteering in.
Check - In Procedure
Upon arrival at school you will check in at the front desk and follow the Campus Security Scanner procedures.
Report to the classroom or area that you are volunteering in.
When your volunteer time is complete you will return to the office and sign out and record your volunteer hours


Your dedication to the students and staff at Ockerman is appreciated! You are an important part of the success of our students.

Volunteers at OES must abide by strict confidentiality rules.
Confidential information about specific students which may include information about academic performance, behavior, health, disabilities and other related matters may not be disclosed to anyone except school employees who have a need to know.

Confidentiality also applies to information about staff members.
Failure to follow confidentiality will result in immediate loss of volunteer privileges in any capacity.

Check in Procedures
All volunteers must sign in at the kiosk in the office. You must wear your volunteer name tag at all times. Always make sure you sign out so that we can track how many hours you have volunteered. Annual volunteer hours are calculated and reported to the state as part of our school report card data.
Please click on the link below to complete your training. If you have trouble with the link, you can cut and paste it into your browser.
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