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The CI-SFM Project

Presentation is first made for the FOREST EUROPE Expert Level Meeting in Madrid (6-7 March 2013), after it was continously updated according to the implementation phase. For more information, please visit the project's website: http://ci-sfm.org

Hubert Inhaizer

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of The CI-SFM Project

Thank you for your attention!

For questions now or later, please contact us:
Implementing Criteria and Indicators for sustainable forest management (CI-SFM)
The CI-SFM project aims to
a) analyse the implementation of C&I for SFM in the 46 signatory states of the FOREST EUROPE process,

b) strengthen the process and use of C&I, not only as a tool for monitoring and reporting, but also for policy making at national and European level
National and sub-national level assessments
define and understand the various aspects of the implementation of both criteria and indicators at national and regional levels;

share experiences about national applications and identify common regional issues;

propose recommendations on fostering C&I implementation at national and pan-European levels
Regional Workshops (Zagreb, Budapest, Estoril)
Final report
Provide a framework for
and communication between policy makers, inside and outside the forest sector, and other stakeholders, as well as the general public on SFM and forest policy development
Monitor and
on the state and trends of the sustainable forest management
towards sustainable forest management and identify emerging issues
Formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate national or sub-
national forest programmes
, policies and/or plans
Provide information and/or assessment to indicator sets
the forest sector e.g. for sustainable development or biodiversity, or the forest sector in other regions e.g. Montréal Process
Working Definition
Distributed to FOREST EUROPE correspondents
39 contributions received
84 national experts involved
Sub-national assessment in 20 Regions of Italy
Sub-national assessment
in 16 States of Germany
Russian approach
Case studies
CI-SFM Project Partners and Team Members
Tanya Baycheva
Francesca Ferranti
Hubert Inhaizer
Markus Lier
Marina Miovska
Christopher Prins
Christelle Rambour
Paul Rougieux
Giovanni Santopuoli
Andreas Schuck
Bernhard Wolfslehner
Expert interviews
Chapter VII Conclusions and recommendations
pan-European Forum on C&I implementation (Vienna)
Recommendations for implementation at national and sub-national levels

1. Review implementation at the national and sub-national level
2. Promote smart use of criteria and indicators
3. Develop capacity in the field of criteria and indicators
4. Develop or enhance the use of criteria and indicators at the sub-national level
5. Use criteria and indicators indirectly to improve practice at the forest management unit (FMU) level

Recommendations for implementation at pan-European level

1. Formulate objectives for a revised pan-European set of criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management
2. Revise the pan-European set of indicators
3. Develop harmonized methods to assess sustainability of forest management at the national and sub-national level, using criteria and indicators
4. Develop understanding and use of the qualitative indicators
5. Develop subsets of indicators or composite indicators to address specific policy issues
6. Build bridges to other sectors

Implementing Criteria and Indicators (C&I) for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in Europe

Chapter I Introduction and scope of the report
Chapter II Setting the context
Chapter III The conceptual basis of the pan-European criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management
Chapter IV Research methods and data analysis
Chapter V Perspectives on Implementing Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Europe
Part 1: Implementation of MCPFE commitments

Part 2: National perspectives

Part 3: Regional perspectives

Part 4: Expert perspectives
Chapter VI Discussion on Implementing Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Europe
From the
draft report
From the
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