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Learning Experience

No description

Stephanie Duff

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Learning Experience

Learning Metaphor
Like a heart beat, learning is an intrinsic experience necessary for our mental, emotional and physical growth.
What Was Learned?
This learning experience taught me to have a great deal of respect for larger animals and respect for their owners. Together they manage a healthy relationship of respect and patience.
I learned to put on and take off a harness. I thought this would be an easy task but it certainly was not! I had intended on learning a lot more but still to today, I cannot harness a horse without asking for help. This is something I will continue to work on as I work more with these horses.
RELAX! Horses have a way of sensing when you are stressed or anxious. So, I learned to breathe and enjoy the moment.
These horses are 1900 lbs of power and if they want to walk out of the barn despite you pulling them back, they will.
How This Experience Affected my Life
This experience has affected my life in a very positive way. Spending time with Sarah and Limerick allowed me to separate myself from the stresses of everyday life and learn to enjoy the moments spent with them. Before this assignment, I would visit my friends and see their horses on the occasional weekend. However, each time I would go, I always felt guilty thinking about how I should have been doing schoolwork rather than something I enjoy. So, by choosing this learning experience, I enabled myself to leave guilt at home while I went for a visit. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to work more frequently with the horses and my friends. From this, I learned that it is okay to become involved in an interest outside of school and enjoy and appreciated the moment.
Goal Theory and Intrinsic Motivation
This learning experience can be correlated to the goal theory and intrinsic motivation found in Bradley J. Hruska’s article. Throughout the entire learning process, I made small goals that were easy to keep. This provided my experience with a sense of accomplishment. Never, did I feel discouraged to work on this learning experience. I was motivated through these small goals such as, frequently asking questions, slowly moving closer to the horse without becoming startled, trying to figure at least one part of harnessing without asking for help. My next goal will be to lift the harness up on top of the horse without assistance. Making these small goals enabled me to keep my interest and motivated to learn more.
In the Classroom
The tangibility of this learning experience made it easier to focus and retain a lot of the information that I was receiving. I was able to apply my knowledge immediately, giving me the opportunity to understand. I believe that classrooms should adopt more of this. Not every student is going to need to have a manipulative or apply their learning immediately but perhaps many would like to have the option. “What is good for one is good for all”. Students should also make achievable goals for themselves to motivate their own learning. As a teacher, I will encourage my students to manage their learning through the goal-oriented theory and try to bring tangibility to their learning.
Future Goals
School is something that I have never really enjoyed, so I have always taken it upon myself to pursue small hobbies geared at my interests to keep myself occupied. Last year I raised chickens and this year I intend on expanding on this by adding to the coop and raising a different breed of chicken. I have also begun a tapping project where I have tapped several maple trees to collect sap for maple syrup. The projects are endless! I maintain this self-initiated learning through my eagerness to learn new life skills.

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