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Axum and Ethiopia

No description

Annie Chappell

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Axum and Ethiopia

- monarchy
-monuments dedicated to kings
-trading and farming created a great economy
-minted coins of gold, silver, and copper
-kingdom fell after the death of King Kaleb
- lost all trading partners
- overuse of natural resoures

Famous Kings
King Ezana
King Kaleb
Axum and Ethiopia
Written language
Before the Axumites converted to Christianity they had a polytheistic religion centered around the gods Astar, Beher, Meder, and Mahrem. Then in 324 AD the Axumite king Ezana II converted to Christianity and it became the major religion of the state.
From Christian Axumite Period
100 feet high
decorated with stories
older tombs
largest fallen stelae
Fact 1: Trading in Axum
Fact 2- Coins in Trading
began producing around 270 CE under King Endubis
gold, silver, and bronze with Greek writing
King Endubis used Roman weighting system
used to participate in trading on the Red Sea
bore names, effigies, and descent of 20 different kings
Modern Connection: Christianity
-practiced Monophysite Christianity
-believed Jesus Christ was fully divine
-in 451 the Catholic church condemned Monophysites
-Monophysites from Byzantine fled to Axum
-spread religion across the kingdom
- Axum influenced the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Map of the Axum Empire
By: Annie Chappell,
Jeremy West, and Claire Corliss
The Axumites had a language called Ge'ez.
They wrote from left to right horizontally.
Each symbol represented a syllable that was
a combination of both a consonant and a vowel.

-major way of income
-ivory, tortoise shell, spices, and rhinoceros horn
-many towns connected to capital of Adulis
-Adulis is on red sea coast
-traded with Arabia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome
-traders got cloth, jewelry, and metals like steel
-connected Axum into the world
Thanks for listening!
gold coin used in trading
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