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Uglies By:Scott Westerfeld

Intro, Character Description, Setting, Theme, Comparison/Connection, Recommendations

Gabrielle Peckham

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Uglies By:Scott Westerfeld

By:Scott Westerfeld Gabrielle 8A SUMMARY "Uglies" By Scott Westerfeld is a novel placed in a futuristic society. People are segregated into two groups based on their appearances, Uglies, and Pretties. Pretties, are citizens who have received an operation that transforms them from a repulsive ugly, into a stunningly beautiful pretty, upon their sixteenth birthday. Uglies, are individuals who continue to posses their original appearance. Uglies By:Scott Westerfeld is a novel taking place in a futuristic society. In this society, people are segregated into two groups based on their appearances, Uglies, or Pretties. Pretties are Conflict: The main conflict type throughout the novel is person vs. person, as a result of the different perspectives of Special Circumstances, and the Smokies. The two opposing groups struggle to enforce, or continue their idea on how life is to be lived. Tally becomes ensnared in this conflict and joins the Smokies as they strive to oppose Special Circumstances in their multiple attempts to end the way of living in the Smoke. SETTING The setting of "Uglies" exists in four areas, The Smoke, the Rusty Ruins, New Pretty Town, and Ugly Ville. A majority of the plot is centered at The Smoke, a small village hidden far away from civilization. It is tucked behind a wall of mountains and a blanket of sea. This particular area is where the Smokies decided to build a small refuge from society.
The Rusty Ruins are the remains of our once great cities, the remnants of our society. It is the graveyard of a municipality that once stood until a catastrophic apocalypse decimated our populations, leaving the Pretties world to rise from the ashes, and our cities to rot.
New Pretty Town is the location where newly created Pretties go to live. It is a bright and colorful place, crowded with extravagant buildings, and never ending parties. It is a happy and care free place where your only concern is to have a good time.
Ugly Ville is where young Uglies spend their childhoods. Large, squat buildings rise up out of the Earth, this area isn't home to a very exciting atmosphere. A very small amount of the plot is developed here. I believe the theme of "Uglies" is become your own person, not an image of what someone else wants you to be. I think that this concept applies to the novel because the civilization that Tally and other individuals lived in, was constantly trying to erase differences, and in doing so the population was becoming a uniform society. The characters involved in the conflicts fought fiercely to avoid the destruction of their originality. In doing so, I believe that the author was attempting to portray this message. Characters Tally Youngblood Shay David Dr. Cable David is one of Tally's close friends, and later in the plot, her boyfriend. He is a flat and dynamic character. His parents were the founders of The Smoke, and he has lived there since he was born. David is a true gentleman and a hard worker. Throughout the novel he is loyally at Tally's side, helping her to overcome many obstacles in her path, and introducing her to pivotal pieces of information. Shay is Tally's best friend in the novel. She is a flat and dynamic character. Shay is adventurous, daring,outspoken and a very caring figure. She detests the idea of becoming a pretty, she believes that people shouldn't need an operation to become someone they aren't. "But it's a trick Tally. You've only seen pretty faces your whole life. Your parents, your teachers, everyone over sixteen. But you weren't born expecting that kind of beauty in everyone, all the time. You just got programmed into thinking anything else is ugly." Page 82. This quote provides the reader with a description of Shay's perspective of the operation through the entirety of the novel. It represents her motives for a majority of her actions, and this specific opinion plays a large role in the development of the plot in the story. The antagonist of this story is Dr. Cable, and the group she has in her command, Special Circumstances. Dr. Cable is a flat and stereotypical character, stereotypical in the sense that she is your classic villain, harsh, cruel, and manipulative. "The woman was a cruel pretty. Her nose was aquiline, her teeth sharp, her eyes a non-reflective gray." Page 104. "An edge was hidden in the voice, like a piece of metal slowly marking glass." Page 104. These quotes illustrate her neutral demeanor, with a more dangerous presence hiding in the shadows. Special Circumstances and Dr.Cable are the antagonistic forces in which the Smokies and Tally are determinedly fighting against. Tally Youngblood is the protagonist of this novel. "She was an inflitrator, a sneak, an ugly. And she had a mission." Page 8. This quote provides a basic description of Tally because it portrays her general emotions and drive throughout the book, as well as how she sees herself. She struggles to find beauty in normality when compared to the extremities of her society, and has difficulties coming to terms with the decisions she makes concerning her choice to aid Special Circumstances. Tally is a very loving and caring character, and attempts to place others ahead of her as much as possible. She spends a lot of time and energy covering her secret connections to the antagonistic forces in the novel, afraid to be judged and shunned by her new found friends at The Smoke. Did You Enjoy your Book? I enjoyed the book because:

*It is a tale of finding true beauty and value in a person.
*There are many metaphors for society that I can easily relate to.
*And it has an interesting, but predictable, plot that encourages you to read more. Who would You Recommend your story too? I would recommend my story to:

*People who enjoy reading books about finding self confidence
*Individuals that enjoy novels with futuristic plots that revolve around person vs. person conflicts.
*I would suggest it to an older audience, so that the reader can fully grasp the specific meanings of the many metaphors that make this novel so unique. Comparisons and Connections I can connect to this novel because just as Tally is very reluctant to admit she has done wrong when it comes to Special Circumstances, I am hesitant to confess to mistakes, or actions. Also, just as many Uglies in the novel, I have the tendency to criticize my physical appearance harshly, basing it upon perfected images in society. I seem to forget that looks are not all that consists of a person, their personalities, talents, and abilities are much more important. A novel I can compare to "Uglies" By Scott Westerfeld is "The Help" By: Kathryn Stockett. I can relate these two books because similarly to "Uglies", characters in "The Help" are segregated and judged as a result of how they look. The characters are forced into certain lifestyles just because they do not appear as society wants them to. THEME Tally Youngblood is a normal ugly, her life revolves around the concept of becoming a pretty, like so many others. Until one day, she meets Shay, an ugly unlike any Tally has ever encountered before. Shay doesn't dream about her transformation as most do, she dreads it. As Tally grows closer and closer to this odd girl, Shay reveals her true intentions. She desires to seek out a place called The Smoke, to escape becoming a pretty. She tries to persuade Tally to join her, but she refuses, and the girls part ways. A couple of days later, a covet group called Special Circumstances sparks an interest in Shay's whereabouts. In desperation, they send Tally on a mission to search out the mysterious Smoke. Catch-Up By the way, Pretties are people who have been surgically altered to become super model gorgeous, and Uglies are individuals who still look the way they were intended too.
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