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Technology in 10 years.

No description

Louie Ellis-Yorke

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Technology in 10 years.

Technology in 10 years time.

Formula 1

In Formula 1 right now the shape of the car has changed from this, to this.
To most people it doesnt look to dramatic but due to the new FIA regulations the nose has had to be dropped to reduce the chance of lift off in a crash.This style of nose is called the 'Ant eater' nose.
This seasons engine is a 1.6 liter turbo charged which produce around 600bhp where as last seasons engine was a 2.4 liter V8 which produced around 750bhp.
10 Years Time
In the future of formula one I predict that the engines will become more fuel efficient. I think they will develop the engine into a hybrid engine and then a fully electric engine. A hybrid car is a car that's engine is powered by both petrol or desil and electricity. I also think that the cars will become lighter and with new computing technology being created each day I think the computer system in the cars will become faster and more advanced.
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