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Ever dreamed of a fridge that gives you recipies of whats in

No description

Howard Battersby

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Ever dreamed of a fridge that gives you recipies of whats in

So, here we are, the kitchen. It looks fairly ordinary. But it's not.....
The Bathroom
Ever dreamed of a fridge that gives you recipes of whats inside?
A room that you can change the wallpaper and patterns in?

Its only one click away.....
This fridge/freezer tells you the sell by date on all the foods, lets you scroll down to see whats inside it, AND even tells you meals you can cook with some of the contents in the fridge.
Tells you what food goes of and when. And recipes!
Comfy underfloor heating!!!
a mirror that tells you how you look!
Comfy underfloor heating!!
You can even change the wall pattern from downstairs!!!
Putting your hands under the sink is all you need to do!! The sink will do the rest!!
Having a nice and warm towel is perfect for after A BATH!!
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