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Todos os Mercados (TM) and a day in the life of Henri Trouve

No description

William Wang

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Todos os Mercados (TM) and a day in the life of Henri Trouve

Todos os Mercados (TM) and a day in the life of Henri Trouve-William Wang
When Henri was 34
When Henri was 34, Todos os Mercados (TM), a South American multinational company, opened a TM hypermarket outside of St Laurent. This had a huge impact on Henri's business and it went to liquidation soon after.
Henri arrives at work and reports to his line manager Delphine Jacques.
Henri records the finishing time of his team and reports his own finishing time to Delphine.
Henri arrives at the public library and studies his MBA case of TM.
Henri's MBA class begins. Henri keeps quiet because he is afraid of criticizing TM in public.
Henri arrives home and furiously sees his children sending text messages and playing video games.
When Henri was 32
When Henri was 32, Henri's Parents retired, and Henri became the owner and manager of the business.
Desperate with no income, Henri applied to work at TM. He was appointed manager of the hardware section.
Midnight, Henri goes to bed. Elise is already asleep. He says "good night", thinking that with luck he will get six hours of sleep.
Henri Trouve's father set up small hardware sole trader in St. Laurent, near Tillon in southern France. His father made personal customer service, especially free delivery to customer's homes and workplaces.
Biography and Character Relationships
Elise Trouve
Henri's wife. She has a full time job as a dental assistant and still have to manage the household and look after her two children. She worries that even with an MBA, Henri would struggle to get a better job with the current economy.
Delphine Jacques
Henri's line manager and superior in the chain of command. Henri reports his arrival time and finishing time to her everyday. She is hardworking, efficient, and grateful for the work because she is a single mother with two children. She is one of the few employees to have been
promoted internally.
Dr. Lomine
Henri's MBA class tutor.
Henri Trouve
Protagonist of the story. Henri started his career by working in his dads' small hardware business and eventually took over when his parents retired. However, the turning point occurred at the age of 34, when TM opened a hypermarket just outside of St Laurent and forced his company to go out of business. He finds life miserable as he is overwhelmed with MBA class on top of everyday work at TM. He can hardly get 6 hours of sleep on weekdays. He hopes his MBA class will qualify him for a better
job or promotion.
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