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Guidelines and opportunities for independent Prezi service providers

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Chris Connick

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Guidelines and opportunities for independent Prezi service providers

Guidelines for your Website:
Guidelines and opportunities
for independent Prezi service providers

You can find approved images of our team, our product, and people presenting using Prezi here:
If you wish to use our logo when communicating about Prezi please follow our logo guidelines:
When communicating about Prezi (including our culture and our products) please use our approved Press Kit images
You can find them here:
As a company, organization, or individual providing an independent Prezi-related service, event, or product, we want to help you succeed.
To do so, we ask that you follow these simple guidelines.
You may be eligible if you are:

A dedicated & professional presentation training or design company (or individual).
Currently delivering world-class face-to-face Prezi training courses, online video tutorials, or live webinars.
Currently producing stunning Prezi designs for your existing client base.
Able to deal with high volume Prezi training & design inquiries from the world of business, education, and non-profit.
Have a professional website to promote your services.
For more information and to apply please visit: https://prezi.com/experts/what-makes-an-expert/
Want to grow your business by becoming part of a global network of official "Expert" Prezi trainers & designers?
The Prezi Ambassadors Program
For more information and to apply visit:
You may be eligible if you are:

A full-time student
Want to represent Prezi at your university, and have the chance to be part of a company that is redefining the way people develop and share their ideas? With awesome perks including start-up experience, swag, and prizes.
Clearly state your independence from Prezi in the header of each page of your website that mentions your Prezi-related service, event, or product, and on any related promotional material.
Link to http://www.prezi.com in the footer of each page of your website that mentions your Prezi-related service, event, or product.
Find a list of our current approved experts here:
Note: A "Prezi Expert" is an officially recognized independent Prezi trainer or designer. Prezi Experts go through an assessment process to earn this title.

Please do not use the term "Prezi Expert" or use the Prezi Expert badge unless you have been approved to join the program. You'll find more info about this later on in this prezi.
Please don't use our logo or trademarked items as part of your own branding.
Clearly state your independence from Prezi
Keep your own visuals clear and unique
Clearly direct users to Prezi.com for all official content and support
Think your website is ready?

Contact chris.connick@prezi.com for approval.
Don't use "Prezi" or a derivative name as your domain name without prior consent from us
Here the images have been copy-pasted
straight from the prezi.com homepage
Do not copy and paste images from prezi.com into your own website.
Pages within your site are fine:
e.g. www.johndoe.com/prezitemplates

Top level URL use is not:
e.g www.prezitemplates.com
Contact: chris.connick@prezi.com
If you have already purchased a prezi sounding domain and plan to use it, please get in touch with us immediately to discuss.
Here, the HR rule is a clone
of the http://prezi.com design.
Even small similarities can confuse...
Websites that look like "clones" of http://prezi.com confuse our users. Please tweak your design so that it can be easily distinguished as an independent service provider.
Don't modify our logo in any way.
The Prezi Experts Program
Want to build your relationship with us?
Find out if you've got what it takes to join
one of our official Prezi programs.

Prezi is the owner of a registered trademark in the PREZI designation. This means you cannot use "Prezi" or any derivative as a domain name to promote your independent Prezi-related service.
Help us to keep Prezi beautiful
Contact chris.connick@prezi.com to find out more.
An independent event for businesses who love Prezi!
If you are unsure, you can use the following approved line of text in the header of your website:
“this website is not affiliated with Prezi Inc.”
If you are unsure, you can use the following approved line of text to link to http://prezi.com:
“you can learn more about Prezi here”
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