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modes of transportation

No description

Lim Wei Ting

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of modes of transportation

done by : #WXYZLA

written report :
- Term 3 week 3, we did a research of the different public transport in Singapore and constructed the interview questions. - We also completed our commentary and reflections from the team mates represented by a single reporter.
- We constructed our reporter narration and ending together too.
- Term 3 Week 2 tuesday , we went to chua chu kang bus interchange after school to conduct our interviews.
- Our narrator , Wei ting read out the starting narration.
-We went to ask bus commuters as well as bus drivers about their opinions towards the mode of transportation throughout Singapore’s 50th years.
-We interviewed 4 people , 2 of them are bus commuters 2 of them are bus drivers. We filmed the process down and also recorder an audio during the interviews.
-After that we followed the timeline of the
Written report 3 :
modes of transportation
video clip of news interview
written report :

for a headstart, we discussed about the timeline and when we had to complete task on time.
We allocated different roles to each members and everyone of us contributed to this project.
Meanwhile , we had fun throughout this process too.
Term 3 week 2 , we came out with our creation of story boarding about the duration and combination of interview footage , reporter narration , general scenes and re-enacted footage etc.
Singapore has a wide variety of public transport that has been greatly improved over the years We gained more knowledge and different opinions about the changes of mode of transportation throughout the Singapore 50th jubilee years. When Singapore was first introduced to public transport, it started off with Rickshaw pullers. Then, followed by a variety of transport modes such as bus, trains and buses gradually over the years. Singapore also improved dramatically in her political , social and economic throughout these 50 years. we included some surveys and interviews about the changes and improvements made in singapore. our main focus of transportation today is buses. the changes of the buses are the installment of air conditioner in the buses now and there are more choices of route of the buses.
-Xinzi : i felt that this is a very good and new experience for us as we get to interact with the public and gain knowledge
about singapore’s history and their opinions towards the public transportation. i also learned life skills such as working in a group and contribute ideas.

- Wei Ting : I feel that this project is more meaningful than the other projects as I learnt the mode of transportation throughout the years and different opinions of people about public transport.I learnt that teamwork and planning is important and it is a very fun experience.

- Yiru : I think that this project work is a eye opener for me as i get to learn more about Singapore and its history through my research. It also exposed me to a different role. I feel that in this project, i get to know more about my teammates and learn to work better with others.

- Zikei : I am not amused when the teachers explain about the project because I have done this before in other projects so it would be a lot easier and what I had learnt before would be useful.Through this project i am able to know more about our public transport despite using it in our daily lives.

storyboarding and lastly filmed the reflections and commentary from every group members by single reporter as well as the ending narration by narrator ( weiting ). Term 3 week 5 , we did the editing of your feature clip , refinement of our product as well as the infographics in our newsletter. We also managed to include the 400 words written report write up into the newsletter. Term 3 week 6 , we continue to complete the refinement of feature clip and edit our interview footage , reporter narration and general scenes. By week 7 to 9 , we did the research of smrt history and created 4 pages of newsletter and by then , we have completed the newsletter. On week 9, We completed our team portfolio with developments of project ideas and discussions on both soft and hard copies. By week 10 , we completed our project timeline , list of tasks , documents used by teams and also the written report. Finally on term 4 , week 1-3 , we have our oral presentation on prezi.
pictures of us interviewing

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