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West Virginia Industries

No description

David Smith

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of West Virginia Industries

Major Industries
in West Virginia Salt - First major industry in West Virginia

-Two types: rock salt and brine

-Joseph and David Ruffner built salt factories near Charleston in 1808

-Support Industries developed Iron and Steel -Developed near rivers like Cheat, Monongahela, Ohio
-1794: Peter Tarr built the first furnace in Hancock County
-Wheeling: Called "Nail City" because it produced so many iron nails
-Steel developed in the 1800s. Weirton Steel started in 1909.
-No longer a major industry in WV -80% of West Virginia is covered by forests

-Grew rapidly in the 1800s due to large demand by salt and iron industries, which needed charcoal for fuel.

-Nearly half of WV forests were removed


-Conservation: the careful management of a natural resource to prevent its destruction

-Timber today: $2 billion dollar industry in WV Timber! Coal -WV has a lot of bituminous coal - soft and good for making steel
-Mining began in late 1800s due to growth of railroads
-mineral rights: made coal barons rich. Many were from out of state.
-coal mining caused population boom in southern WV
-today: used mostly to produce electricity
-today: $3.5 BILLION industry in WV http://www.wvencyclopedia.org/media/10486 Natural Gas and Oil -Rathbone brothers were first oil producers in WV (1860)
-grahamite: oil close to the surface
-Natural gas industry started in early 1900s
-Marcellus Shale: rock formation containing natural gas. In WV, PA, NY, OH Glass -Grew in WV due to pure glass sand high in silica
-1929 William Blenko founded Blenko glass in Milton
-In 1920, about 16,000 people worked in glass industry
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