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The Lord and Lady of The Manor

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Claire Holton

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The Lord and Lady of The Manor

What did they eat?
Lords and Ladys ate food such as boar, and deer that they hunted, and birds - like quail or goose- and other small animals that they hawked. They made the meat into stews, meat pies, and just plain old meat, seasoned with expensive spices only the rich lords could afford. Their serfs caught fish, and small animals for them. One especially fancy animal was a Cockentrice, which was the front of a pig sewn to the back of a rooster, and the back of the pig sewn to the front of the rooster.
The End!!
Hope you enjoyed my prezi!!
The Lord of The Manor
The Lady of the Manor.
The Lady of the Manor is responsible for many things in the household. She was in charge of the stores, the baking, the brewing, the wine cellar and giving directions to the servants. She is also in charge of her daughter's education which includes how to work in the house. Some Ladys liked to spin flax and wool for thread with other Ladys.
The Lord and Lady are near the top in the feudal system in which medieval society was organised, coming under the King.
The Lord and Lady of The Manor
The Castle
The Lord and Lady of the Castle sometimes lived in apartments in the Castle. If there was no apartment built into the castle, sometimes an apartment was set up by putting up partitions in the great hall.The castles had large courtyards, and sometimes a house was built for the lord and his family in such a building.
Land in medieval times were broken up into what are called fiefs. The King would grant the lord land, which the lord would take charge of for the King. The lord would also help the King to defend the land. When a lord got married, his wife became the lady of the castle or manor (
(depending on which the lord lived in).
The lord of a castle can also be known as a baron. Lords become the King's vassal once they recieve land from the king. This means that they promise to fight for him. This process is all called the feudal system.
Lords control the lands of the manor/castle and help the king control the country. They also hold court and settle disputes.
In the Medieval times, women didn't
have a choice as to who they would marry and, most of the time, women didn't even know the man before they wed.
However, men were sometimes able to choose their bride. Most marriages were political arrangements and were arranged by the parents of the man and woman or they could have been arranged by another lord or family member of the lord. The family of the woman who was to be married gives a dowry, or donation for her new family. The dowry goes with her at the time of the marriage a
stays with the man
When a marriage is arranged between a lord and a woman, the woman would be given the title as the Lady of the Manor. The Lady of the Manor is responsible for all the household needs of the Manor / Castle.
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